Simplicity VS Complexity

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Few weeks ago, I happened to talk to one of my old friend. He is a very good person and was a good sportsperson as well. I remember mainly because of cricket, our talks and somewhat of badminton as well. Being a good student he left the job soon, and went for further studies again. I am lucky once again to have another such a good person in my network. I am sure he will do good in his life.

This person is also in a stage where most of the Indian parents start asking the same question. Yes, you guessed it right, it is about marriage. He simply asked me, what is my experience of being married. What change I see in my life after being married. He also pressed on the point that I need to be honest (Well, I am generally honest, isn’t it?). Now the question is there, which is asking for an answer. I am sure the person who is married, he would know that it is not an easy question to answer. It just triggered so many neurons in my brain. Thanks to the complex structure and simple processing of my brain, I came up with an answer quickly. Within a split second, I was typing my answer in the chat window. The answer is ,”Life becomes more complex after marriage”. It may mean many different things to different people. How does it mean to you, I do not know.

What surprised me though was the answer that I got back. He said,” It is because as a person I am simple. Sometimes people are so complex they need someone to solve their complexity!!!”. Now this is one view which probably could have never come to me. Thanks to this amazingly good friend of mine to give me another view. I do not know how many people are in the 2nd category, but surely I am not.

Similarly, today I got a similar message from another good friend of mine (I am just too lucky). He said, “who says one gets settled after marriage…. one gets unsettled”. Is it because he is also a simple person as an individual. I know him as the most simple person in my life.

This is no general view. It may have many variation. Another view, if you look at it is that it is a male conversation and view from two males who happened to be simple in their life as well. How does this view changes when we have simple females who are married? Or I am raising another conflict here “How dare I say females are simple?”
So what is your view on marriage? Simple or complex?

Whatever is your view, I am sure that one thing everyone would agree that there are many jokes created about marriage. If this topic reminds of any joke then do laugh to the full 😀