I am a simple person who is living and learning how to live life by moment. I believe in helping others and follow ARK (Act of Random Kindness).  I always try to have a different perspective; this sometimes helps and sometimes not. I have varied interests and I am always ready to experiment with new things, especially life, after all I cannot come out of it alive. I like to plan, but do not mind if timelines change. 

I worked as an SAP Platform consultant for about 10 years. I worked as technical consultant, Platform architect, Service manager and project manager for different projects. I worked in Canada, Switzerland and Germany for different global clients. Every project taught me a lot of things. It not only helped me to grow professionally, but also stretched my personal boundaries to accept diversity of life.

I love to travel and I travel without special plans. With time, I found myself travelling more and longer. It reached a point that I quit my job and started to travel full time. I like to travel slow and let the life take me with its flow.  I like to meet people and know their culture, food, drinks and exchange of ideas. I like to do things for the fun and interest of the activity and the value it brings to the other person. It is a way for me to know the variety that this world has to offer and also, in some way, to look at myself as a reflection in this world and know myself better.

After travel and volunteering now I have found a new goal. I run a badminton club in Zadar, Croatia; Badminton club Zadar. Vision is to add badminton to everyone’s life here are around. I also help people who needs support in technology or mathematics. I started a helping service called Zarasin services with aim to help people in their needs. It can be fix a laptop or mobile phone. Help with office tools e.g. MS Excel, mail, powerpoint etc. I also love to teach kids mathematics and computers. I usually prefer proximal class based lessons. However, based on interest and situation remote sessions can also be arranged.

I like to play Badminton, Tennis, go on hikes and long walks. I read all kind of books, whatever I suddenly feel like reading; one can learn from everything. I also like to do experiments with new DIY kits including LEGO mindstorms, gardening or other tools. For relaxation, sleep is the best medicine for me, although relaxing music, meditation and yoga also works fine.

I like to write about my experiences, experiments and observations of my life. I am no big author nor a linguistic. Neither do I try to cram dictionaries nor do I attempt to write a bookers prize winning english. I simply write what comes to my mind with the flow. My writings are probably not suitable for language people, who probably care about the “does vs do” than the topic itself. However, if you think of language as more a medium to express your feelings and happened to like any blog entry, then please share.

If you like or do not like, I hope that anyone who comes to this page finds a way and reason to smile and laugh.


PS: I use my photos and sometimes from the web as well. I try to find all copyright and reuse criteria and provide proper citations when I find. However, sometimes a photo might be available from non original source, which does not have any restrictions on usage defined. If you happen to find any such photo, then please let me know. I will remove or provide correct citations, as per the author/platform requirements.