Do you want to know what is in future?

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Do you believe in astrology or fortune tellers? May be, may be not. But surely there are many people who believe in that. There are too many astrologers around. So much of study and money is there in this market. If you do not believe in, then try to visit India, you will come to know. But what is this all about? Why so much importance to it?

Human desire to know the future is very native. Probably since the time humans species came into existence. Various parts of the world has developed different techniques to know the future. One of the scientific way is probably the very much known “Time machine”. Still to become a reality though. But it does has too many theories around it. But, do we really want to know the future?
This is probably a question, which is hard to answer. What if you come to know something about your future? And if I leave this big topic of knowing or not knowing of side, still it a tricky question. What the world would seems like, when you know what is going to happened next? It would be so boring, isn’t it? Imagine you need to propose a girl. She knows how clumsily you are going to propose and you also know that she is going to say NO. It sounds so boring. You might be thinking, if I know it then I will not be clumsy. But do not forget the “Final Destination”.
On the other hand, isn’t this uncertainty of the future, of what is coming next makes life interesting? e.g. why people do gambling? Is this sheer fact of uncertainty that it may turn out to be good. Why do we like surprises? Why do we like suspense movies? Why do we like jokes above all? Lately, I was about to watch a movie “Ninja”. Some of the review says that story is quite predictable. This is the reason against this movie!!! Realize this big conflict. On one side we hate this predictability and on other side all kind of attempts are being made to know everything. Be it, capital market, software failures, paths, time everything we want as predictable. On the other hand no one would like to know if his girlfriend really does not love him!!!!!
Isn’t it crazy? Well ,at least to me. For me, it is more about living life by the moment. I do not know what future holds and how it would turn out to be. All I know is today, my present. I can only act in this moment. Past is gone and future is unknown.
I do not know how you feel about this topic. I guess either way it topic can make you laugh. In one side you can laugh about the absurdity of this notion of the world where everything is already known. On the other hand you can laugh about my stupidity on realizing the value of things being predictable. Whichever the reason you choose, main point is that you laugh about it.