Do we need a new GOD?

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Well, I do not believe in God. This is the biggest issue within our family around me. Not just this view, I in general behaves different than others. I do not know why, but thats how I am. I am tagged as philosophical, irresponsible, un attached, distant and so on. Does it matter? Not to me at least. The conflicts were there, are there and will be there. Many people tried, all the religions tried, all the spiritual leader tried, all politicians tried. More views only created more and more conflicts. It kept on getting complicated. With advancements, conflicts of science and technology has also join the lead.
The concept of God as I understand, was originally created out of fear. Humans created Gods for all things , which he was unable to understand and controld. e.g. Rain, Sun, water, love, death and so on. These ideas slowly got tagged as Mythological Gods. Then came some structured religions. Some with single Gods, some multiple. All tried to pull people towards them. There were some who also tried to say all are same. Even this view could not help. As everyone said, all are same and ours is the only one :). Then spiritual leaders tried, they created further groups. I do not know how many believes are there now. With time, with situation, with requirements, with needs, ideas have kept on changing. For today’s environment, do we need a new GOD?
One of the Indian spiritual leader also said once,” We new GOD for the new human”. Lately, I came across a new concept, “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” also known as “Pastafarianism”. I liked this concept becasue of its complete opposite views, simplistics and funny (atleast to me) thoughts. Few of them are
  1. The central belief is that an invisible and undetectable Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe “after drinking heavily”.
  2. The Pastafarian belief of Heaven contains a beer volcano and a stripper factory.
  3. Pastafarian Hell is similar, except that the beer is stale and the strippers have sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Pastafarians celebrate every Friday as a holy day.Prayers are concluded with a final declaration of affirmation, “R’amen”; the term is a parodic portmanteau of the Semitic term “Amen” and the Japanese noodle dish, ramen.
  5. According to Pastafarian beliefs, pirates are “absolute divine beings”.
If you interested the you can read the full article. I loved the article and concept. May be this is the God that we need to today’s humanity. I only wonder if there is another conflict created between the different variation of noodles, spaghetties and similar Gods :).
Lets see who is the “Last God standing”!!!
Arundeep Singh
PS: Just searching for the link today, I came across another site Uncyclopedia. It is a parody of the Wikepedia. I did notice its reference in the article of FSM in first reading though. The article about FSM on uncyclopedia is also interesting. If you read it first, one may take it seriously and old religion :).