IIPM saga revisited once again!!!

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Few weeks back one of my friend told me that he is reluctant to write a blog as he is not sure what could be the legal implications of the content. That statement triggered to me read something on this topic. Strangely I never thought of it. May be this is because of my living in the “ideal world”. I just write what I feel like writing. So, triggered by this statement, I read some documents. The document list starts with wiki link on blogs (link here). Following the links, I came across interesting scenario. The scenario which involved a blog writer, his blog and IIPM.

This IIM graduate guy, Gaurav Sabnis, working for IBM in 2005, wrote a blog on IIPM. In the blog he simple reflected on the research conducted by a magazine company “JAM”. Just for this reference of the data, Gaurav got a notice from IIPM involving his employer. The details are here. Well, too much has already been addressed and written on this thread. And I agree, it was just too much. And why Gaurav got the main notice and a highlight than the original researcher JAM? Well no clue on that. But just for an awareness, it was an eye opener what a small reference on your blog can get you into. But reading this thread and the replies just another thought struck me. Well, I do not know why I always have another angle on everything.

If you go through the topic, there are points against and in favour of IIPM. IIPM does says “Dare to think beyond IIM”. People are against this statement. Too much favour to formal studies and a proper degree from a known institute. You can read all that and more of aggression in the comments of the newspaper article. My view is what is wrong in saying so? Why one cannot think beyond IIM? What if some does not a proper degree or a certificate? Why so much importance to all this educational jargon? I do not know about the credentials of IIPM. They may be wrong as highlighted in the article or may be right. But that should not mean that one should stand against the very idea of it?

Surprisingly, on the other hand all these people keep on referring to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai and others. All kind of praises for these guys. Were they not thinking beyond education system? There is a video of Steve Jobs giving some lecture in a college. I felt strange on that speech that even to reflect on his life, he had to refer to the script!!! It may be his way of giving speech, but it just does not feel right to me. I understand that it not exactly a comparison, but still on the similar line. I would say that “Dare to thinks beyond IIM!!” is a reduced scope of “Dare to think beyond education system!!”. How you achieve is a different thing. If one is right in its claim ,then its all fine. Or atleast manage to cover it well 🙂

Is this something to laugh about? I do not know. But I do some time laugh on what I did in my college days and how it relates to my work. How do you relate both of these?

By the way, my friend who triggered this thought also have a blog now.

PS: I hope IIPM does not have a crawler searching the blogosphere for any new reference to IIPM 🙂

Disclaimer: Everything above is my opinion which may be facts. I do not claim them to be facts as such