A short beautiful journey with Pisak

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Rising sun with sea in foothills of mountains

Couple of weeks back I was asked, if I would like to go to a small place near sea. As I am too busy nowadays doing nothing, I checked my calendars and diaries and confirmed that I will. I had no clue about the place, the people that I am going to meet and what I am going to do there. Anyways, after few discussions and calls finally I went to this place. It was an amazing experience that I could not have imagined. As I am writing this, I am still trying to understand what happened. Whether, I will finally be able to understand intellectually or not is an open question. But I know that from feeling perspective it was wonderful. Unknown place, unknown people, unknown activities, but very close feelings that made me relax and helped me just be with me.

It is only few days ago, when I with my main host left to this place called “Pisak“. If I was going on holidays by myself, I would have never found this place. After few hours of travel in Bus to Split we took connected one to Pisak, We reached there late evening. Just as we got down from the bus, our host came to pick us up. He had wide smile on his face; a face radiating positive energy. As he moved his car downhill the town, I realized that it is a small place. Within few minutes we were in the house to be welcomed by a beautiful lady, their daughter and very friendly, ever licking dog. We talked over meal for few hours, before deciding to sleep outside in the open. The place is such that there is always a strong wind at the night that remains there till early morning. As the sun rises, wind comes to almost a stop and starts again with sun set. View from balcony was beautiful and with that image in mind, I went to sleep only to wake up in the morning to the sounds of string wind gusts, rain and sun rays. Beginning of a beautiful experience.

View from the balcony

Our hosts were wonderful people, who in no time made me feel at home. Man is person of local knowledge and experience. I learned a lot about local herbs, plantation, sea animals, winds, mountains, Croatian war and current status. The person full of practical experience backed by positive attitude. Lady was beautiful, intellectual and ever smiling with sudden explosions when some times the kids get too much of her :). We had couple of nice long conversations. As it happened topic of conversation moved like a wind from one to another. Both are vegetarians now and try to promote healthy life. I learned to cook pan-cakes from them; need to practice one day. Little princes was mostly shy to talk to me. Nevertheless, I got to see her cuteness and a child’s tantrum. The dog got used to me and we played in the garden few times and he would come to sit by me many times. Not that all was happy and beautiful. We had some difference of opinion and it was good that they were pointed out in a straight forward way that can be done to a friend. This frankness was a lesson for me to take that courage.

Another view captured on morning walk

I am struggling to define my experience of the place; I will try somehow. Very first day, we went to a beach by boat. A special place where two mountains meet and below the mountains there are water streams. Due to the streams, water is really cold in comparison to the normal sea water. I do not know swimming, so I was mostly sitting by the seashore in the water or outside reading something or climbed up the mountain in the rain. The movement of the waves along with sounds of them crashing against stones, sound of wind, music of crickets/grasshoppers against the backdrop of mountains, reaching sudden height of more than a km,  contrasted by the setting sun. The scene was so beautiful and mesmerizing that it did something to set me into silence. There were still thoughts playing usual hide and seek in my mind. However, the need to engage in active talk was almost completely gone. My host also felt it (I guess); more on that some other day. But, this set the tone for the days to come. Every breeze, every wave, every sound made me feel relaxed. I fell asleep in a hammock; 1st time in my life. Last 2 days of the stay, I got up early and went for walk through the mountains. Reaching another end of the village probably takes around 30 min on my slow pace. I nevertheless took 2 hours to complete return trip. Thanks to various small beaches and steps created to reach them. I went down every single of them (where it was allowed). These morning walks are among few of those beautiful walks I ever had. They somehow made me get lost in the walk itself. After 2 hours of walk, I came back and sat watching the sea from the balcony for an hour or more, before the breakfast.

One small beach

Apart from all the beautiful observable experiences, I also felt something happened inside me. Something that I feel will also have some impact on me in future. What, how, when for how long I do not know. But I do have a good feeling about it. Reason is very simple. During all the time that I spent feeling that place, I could feel an internal relaxed smile in myself. Smile that needed no reason and it had its own hidden source. I hope that this smile continues to stay and helps to share it with others too.

At the end, we left the place with hugs and warm smiles. I was confused as to whom to thank more. The hosts that I met in Pisak who enabled this experience or my original host due to which I got a chance to know those people and the place. I think without any one of them, it would not have been the same. My sincere thanks to all of you to make this a wonderful experience and share smiles with me.


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