Are you Planning?

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Do you Plan?
I assume more or less, good or bad, subjective or objective, everybody make plans to some extent.

But question is, is planning good? Yes or No

Yes: It does give some estimates, gives clarity on actions, helps to divide responsibility etc. etc.
But plans do fail, there are always delays, results may not be as expected, cost may over run. For all this there is something called contingency plans. But the same unknown applies to this as well. A lot of importance and effort is given to planning, but results unpredicted. Yes planning does give some confidence and comfort that we know something. But in reality we don’t.
So, is it really worth planning?

No: Planning for what? Future? No one knows if he will live the next day or not? or does any one? But still keep on worrying about planning, while he can utilize that time celebrating now, today.
People want to know and control future. Planning gives them an illusion that they are in control of everything. At the same time they are afraid to look deeper. They know deep inside that it is all fake, just an illusion. But mind is clever and it only allows to see what puts itself in power.
But that means we should not plan? If there is no plan, then one may not get a train or air ticket, if it is not planned ahead!!!!!

Planning Simplified………
So, are you planning or not?

Plan, but remember “present”- the current moment is the most valuable.
Plan, but remember that you may be there to see it is getting executed.
Plan, but don’t get attached.
Plan, but remember that no one knows the future.

Happy Planning.