Old vs New -Part 2

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Old thinking!!!!!!
Is it really that bad??
Then why new western world, people are again coming to back to old eastern ideas, methodologies????

Respect for others has become rare. Everyone is selfish. It is always about “me”.
Even calling brother a brother is considered as low level thinking!!!!!!!!
New mantra!! Call everyone by name..
True, why one feels bad, if they are called by their name??
But is it so hard to call by relation?? It cost nothing, but it means a lot
to someone.

Calling by name is correct, calling by name is correct. Then what’s
the fight??? Afterall it is just a sound. The same sound in English doen’t mean
anything in Chinese or Japanese or some other langauage. Why so much of attachement????

Kids think, parents should do everything for them. But when parent’s ask something, then “Why I should follow them!!!!”

I recall a beautiful story.

“When kid was small, he used to go out with his father. Being a child, he will ask his father pointing to a parrot,”Papa what’s this??”. His father, out of his joy will politely answers,” This is a parrot son.” After 5 min of walk, the child forgets and again asks the same question,” Papa, what’s this???. “This is a parrot son.”, answers his father. Kid will ask the same question 100 times and father will answer joyfully.

The child grew up, went to college, got married. Now his father is old. Father asks his son,” Son, can you please explain this form?”. Son replies in anger,” What papa, I have told you thousands times. Why can’t you just understand it?. When you know you are not able, then why you fiddle with papers. Just leave it”


Arundeep Singh