Old vs New

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Old or a New argument????

Difference between ideas of previous, current and next generation.

People wants to follow old customs. Although no-one knows meaning of
most of those of customs. But still!!!!!!???????

Why Girls wear “chooda” after marriage???

People still talks about “kanyadan”. Why???. Is girl a thing to donate??

Boy’s parents still feel superior to girls parent!!!!!!!. What is there to be so proud of???

Sikh’s boast of their religion,which recognize women equal to men. Still Punjab has the lowest girlsboys ratio!!!!!!????????

And many more………

I recall the monkey story, which not applies to this topic to in general to the way today people behave in general.

“Once scientist thought of doing an experiement. They locked 10 monkeys in a room. A bunch of banana’s was hanged on roof top. A ladder there to help monkey’s to reach banana’s.

Naturally monkey’s jumped to banana’s. But as soon as they reached near, icecold water was sprayed on them. Monkey’s were puzzled. After sometime monkey’s learned that it’s there approach to banana’s which cause the water spray. Monkey’s stopped reaching banana’s. Now, if some monkey losing his control tries to reach banana’s other monkey’s will beat him in fear of getting a water spray. It became a habbit and there was no water spray, but still monkey’s were sitting still.

Then scientist replaced one old monkey with a new one. He looked at banana’s and old monkey’s. He thought that all the monkey’s are stupid and reached for banana’s. To his surprise, all the old monkey’s beat him to almost death. Thinking it a mistake, he tried again, but faced the same treatment. Slowly he also stopped.

One by one all the old monkey’s were replaced with the new ones. Now, all the monkey’s in room has never faced the ice cold water, but still no one was reaching banana’s.

Now, a new one monkey was brought in. He by his nature, tried to reach for banana’s. But as soon as he approached toward the banana’s, the new monkey’s beat him like anything. “

Don’t we go through this story almost everyday in our daily life??????

But still…………………………………