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The last days of year 2006 . I was sitting in my room , doing nothing ( as usual :))

Suddenly, the same old thought of “Viewpoints” struck me.

24:00 hrs of 31st December, “death of the old year” Or the “birth of New Year” ?

Arguments/discussions, “Showing the difference between people” or “opening the gate to new thoughts/ideas” ?

God, “reality” or “just a running thought of mind”??

Religion, “Valuable” or “just another way to divide people ?

Mankind, “Reality” or “Matrix” ?

Many people, many views. everyone has the right to have his own viewpoints.
And this triggers another viewpoint in my mind.

Is it good to have different viewpoints? YES or NO.

YES: everyone has their own viewpoints, good. But, whole world is on war because of different viewpoints. Starting from the family arguments to “kiling of Kings” to “euthanasia” to “Genetic science” to “nuclear science” to”Dictatorship vs socialism vs communism vs democracy”. So does that means having different viewpoints bad??

NO : everyone thinks the same and agrees to everyone. Wow!!!! world is beautiful, no fights anymore. But what a boring life it will be, people will hardly talk as whatever someone is doing is ok. Strange!! Hard to imagine such a world

I believe world is beautiful because people are different with diffrent thinking and different viewpoints of life.
But the important thing is that in the light of your own viewpoint you have no right to kill someone’s else thought. One should learn to respect others viewpoints/ideas.

But then this is also a viewpoint!!! Someone may agree saomeone may not!!!!!!!!!!

World is so beautiful, all is required a little effort to discover that beauty.

cheers 🙂

Arundeep Singh

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  1. Dev

    after a long time saw this picture ( about what the customer really wanted) – and it made me laugh again .. so true …

  2. Arundeep Singh

    Wow!! thanks to you comment I read this post after a long time. I was writing good back then 😀

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