The ideal world I live in, where is it ?

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Can I say I live in my world and you live in your own world? Is it not that both these worlds are same? I guess it depends on how you define the term “world”. I believe that everyone lives in his own world. It is all an illusion. This illusion is different for everyone. It’s final picture depends on the colors which one can see and paint and also on the type of brushes than one has in his kit.

I live in my world, painted with my colors, with my brushes, with my strokes. In my world, I created things as per my understandings. few of the primary things that describes my world are
  • Value of time. Things are done on time, people reach on time. Appropriate durations are given. if there is a delay then communicate the same early on.
  • Respect for others. Others may have their views, they may ave their priorities, they may their reasons.
  • Respect for your work. You do your work sincerely. Go to the details, give your 100%, study your self if you lack something, look forward to improvements.
  • Respect for yourself. Improve yourself, do not approve of injustice, love your self.
  • Importance of life. Life is much more than just work. Bluffing, cunningness etc. are out of scope. Be simple, love your self, love others. Find what is important for you rather just following the rat race and blaming abusing everyone.

All that said and done. But still it is my colors, my strokes, my world and my illusions. Are these colors and strokes are there in others world too? I do not know. I only have the capability of looking through my own glass window. I only know my own illusion. How can I live in someone else’s illusion? I do not have any answers to these questions. After all its all illusion, isn’t it?

But the result of this my ideal world is very clear. I keep on facing so many troubles and sit backs because of this. As it is quite clear that my illusion is different from other illusions. I also received this feedback lately from one of my colleague and friend who has really some special gifts. He told me very clearly that I live in some “ideal world”, which is in conflict with the real world.

I do not know if this the gap between my ideal world and reality or is just the conflict between two illusions. But surely, when I reflect at this sometimes I do laugh at it. Well, sometimes I can just manage a smile 🙂
Do you also sometimes feel a conflict of such illusions? Just reflect on this whenever you find some time.


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