Things just happens and time just flew by

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This year I have been quite active in blogging. And then it was August, when I lost the momentum. Many ideas kept on ticking me, during last few things. But for some reason, I never felt like writing. After all what do I get out of it? Hardly anyone reads it, no feedback, no comment, no dialogue. So, what is the fun of writing and unneccesarily wasting my time and filling up the ever growing “soft document store”. I really do not know. It just happened that I started to love blogging suddenly as I once happened to love reading during my post graduation. Things just happens. During last few months many things happened.

1. I faced few situations again, strengthing the thought that there are always few people who makes the situation unncessarily difficult.
2. After a long time, may be after about two years, our whole family had a get together to celebrate my wife’s birthday. It happened in London. Thanks to my brother and effort of our parents who took the courage to travel. The sweetest part was my niece.
3. My wife cooked many dishes, which she never prepared before. All were really tasty. I am lucky again 🙂
4. Watched few movies. Somehow they all were so good and beautiful. They all were related to one of my basic thought, which is always running in my mind. The thought is, that simple and natural life is best. And, that all this self proclaimed intelligence by human kind, is it really true?
5. Gave few of my crazy theories in various chats in my friend circle. Be it how concept of religion is strange and how it is getting new names e.g. spiritualisim etc. Or it may be how astrologist/ pundits started devising the answers to the human questions. It was all fun 🙂

Few marriages, few birthdays, some new borns, some festivals, some cold weather, some travel, so much happened in last few months. It was a mixed feeling as generally it happens with me. These are probably few of the best days of my life and it seems to be getting better by days. But at the same it makes me realize once again that time just flew by, before you notice it.

I will say, before this time flew away further, make the best use of this time. Say thanks to all those people you have always thought to say. Use the time to express your love, to all the lovable people in your world. Feel and communicate your apologies to people for the mistakes you did.

Above all, use this time to laugh a lot.



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  1. Unknown

    Beautifully written Arun.. and yes very truly said too Things happen so fast and time runs faster..before we realize that we are already married for so many years, we have kids and then we say oh my god i have still so much to do in my life.. :)want to add to your beautiful blog- Enjoy every second of life before time flies and we say ah i should have done this or that. pass a sweet smile at eveone.. u never know your smile can make someone;s day.
    thanks for your lovely friendship. we got to know each other just before it was too late.:)
    keep writing but dont work too hard.

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