How many things you did today?

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I am sure all of you would agree with me, if I say life is tough. Especially when I say life is tough today in the modern and extremely busy world compare to the “believed” easier life in some years ago. How many years ago, that is something debatable. Some would say only a generation ago. One can simple recurse it than easily :-). Another would be if we say about 100- 200 years ago, when life is supposedly used to be simple.

I am neither too old nor do I have time machine to go back in time to really express the life some years ago. Last night, I came back from a long shopping trip (with no purchase 🙂 ) and a long dinner of 2+ hours (I love long dinners). I reached home and thought of doing something. It was then I realized I have so many things to choose from. At the end I settle for an easy one. I watched a movie “The Condemned”. Just before that I went through the list; mental and scribbled; that I had before me. I was amazed and shocked at the same time with such a big list. Just a few of those are

  1. Watch a Hollywood movie or a Bollywood movie. (I make it one here, but actually it is two tasks, as I watch bollywood movie with my wife and I have to watch Hollywood movie alone 😉
  2. Read the book, which I have a book mark after some pages? The book I am reading nowadays is “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell.
  3. Read the spiritual text that I am reading for some time?
  4. Read some of the texts or listen to some of the weblogs for the domain I work in?
  5. Or should I read some in the competition market?
  6. Update my resume, which I am supposed to send to someone?
  7. Update the maps application on my phone, which suddenly stops working after I changed my “sim card” ?
  8. Search for the recipe , which one of my friend just provoked to find in recent discussions. It is just that if Tom Yum soup contains coconut milk or not?
Isn’t this amazing. I could simply come back from such a long outing of 7-8 hours and could have easily went to sleep at 10 at night. But, I rather struggled to watch the movie and finally went to sleep at 0030!! The above list came to me my mind just before sleep. I do not know how many other things I have to do in a day time and on weekdays.

And at the same time I feel I am living a simple life. With the above list, I found it too much to be called a simple life. I do not know how big is your task list, but I believe this list is too much. And it does not include any regular things, life work list, shopping, bills, etc. which are quite common.
I wonder if my father or grandpa had such big list to go through. They may have a different content, but right now I am looking at the number.

I guess the reason to believe in a simple life, despite the long list (My view of long) is that I love to do these things that I have on my list. That’s what I believe make me feel that I have a “happy go life”. Another reason, I believe for this feeling is that I do not take things seriously and try to change things, if I do not happened to like it. I accept all views and situations and always smile. So far I have been able to do so. It is my nature now.(That is another thing that some people close to me are not able to accept it). Irrespective of the likings or disliking, I think this small list of to-do is large. I do not think this list will increase further, yes the content may change from time to time.

But, surely this list is much bigger than the basic list of food and shelter that an animal has. As the human evolve from a cave man to a social man, surely the list has increased. So how many tasks are there in your list?

Well, if your list is long or short, but do keep one thing in your list always. What? that is the smile, this is one thing unique to human being. So keep smiling and laughing and make it to the top of your list.