The day I did Go-Karting

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The Go-Karting course was setup in Messe, Basel for quite some time now. I came to know about this, when I was coming back home from one of the general outing. I noticed the board and was suddenly very excited about it. For a moment I travelled back in time to 2006-2007. I was in Canada during that time. Me and my friends for Go-karting place. It was the first time for all of us (I guess). It was really fun.
I thought to execute the very next weekend. I asked few of my friends. They said yes, but were not as excited about it as I was. Well next week, we went for bowling rather than Go-karting!! Bowling was a good fun too. Now, we are planning to do it again next month. I happened to talk to another group of my friends about Go-Karting as well. They agreed as well, but no push from their side too. Now the end date of the establishment was this Sunday. After that I was not sure when I would get a chance again. I asked my friends again and told this is the only chance. And finally that day came to enter the track.
I was still not sure that how many people would turn out there. As it happens invariably, some came and some could not make it. Being a a group with varying level of interest and experience, we decided to do only a 10 min race. We all 7 drivers got geared up for the race. I was the the 2nd last in the row. It was not a good from timing perspective. Anyhow my time came finally, which was almost 2 minutes late than the 1st driver. I was pumped up and accelerated as soon as the engine fired up. Soon, I was crossing all my participants. lap after lap adrenaline was flowing to higher level. The vibrations, the corners, the skids, the takeovers, the hits, it was all amazing. but even before I realize, the race came to and end!!!
I was not quite happy with the short timing of the race. We asked for the score card. I was at the top of the chart with my best lap. This made me a happy driver again :). I made best lap in 29.31 seconds for 550 meters of lap. We discussed the race for another 15 minutes outside the track. All were happy and in a good mood, except my wife. She got a jerk in her neck in last lap as someone hit her kart. Overall it was all fun.
Next day I got an invite again from friends, who could not make it the previous day. What more could I ask for!! I went again for 2nd round and improved the best time to 28.83 this time. I love Go-karting. Now will look for a permanent track to race again in summer.