Same same or different?

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How many times we heard in religious/spiritual … sermons phrases like “Always be good”, “always be nice”, “do not harm others”, “do not fight”, and many more. All such phrases, if you revisit are an attempt to make an ideal world, where everyone thinks in the same way. If this happens would make the whole life so boring, isn’t it?

It has always been my view that the world everyone thinks the same, does always do good things etc. would be most boring place to be. Yesterday, I watched this movie ” The Invention of Lying “. It was an amazingly comedy movie. This was one example of the world where everyone thinks the same (Although it was only aspect of the thinking). I liked that parts like when he trying to explain the “lying” and when he explains the “man in the sky”. Extremely funny incidences. Thanks to the writer who wrote the script.
The world will only survive with variations. Minimum two variations are must. It may be good OR bad, beautiful or ugly, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, male female etc. It even be variations like so many animals or plants and so on. But variations are must for the survival of this earth. If it is same same then it got to be dead. Only when it is different, there is a life, there is a change.
Please watch this movie “The Invention of Lying“. I hope you will laugh and keep on laughing throughout the movie.