Indian Soaps and Census

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Have you ever watched Indian Soaps? If not watched then you would have heard about it for sure. What do you know about it? That 80% of it starts with “K”, that most of it has the same story going on, each lady has minimum 5 husbands or one marriage can take almost and year to complete and many more. There are many interesting stories/news about these soaps. News papers, TV, research industries are working with these. This industry is running in parallel with bollywood nowadays. They also have all the awards functions, nominations etc. Its a big business now.

But why am I talking about these today? I know I do not like these soaps. To me they are brainwashers and spoiling many beautiful minds across the world. Anyhow let’s not discuss that today. Now the observation that I am talking today has been there since the new era of Indian Soaps started. It is just that I am talking today. Few days back my wife was watching one of those serials. I know from overheard dialogues that for almost a month a marriage is going on. Now in one of these episodes, I noticed (again). I observed that ratio of females to males in those serials would be 10!!!!!.

No one ever wonders and questions this stupidity. Why stupidity? If you know Indian community and its mindset then you would surely laugh about it. Even today in India parents prefer boys than girls. You can find that in many stories in news. It is also clear in Census data of India. As per the Census SRB in India is 950 girls per 1000 boys. Interestingly there is one category where females dominates males. That is in the age group of 65+ years. Thanks to the better life expectancy of females to males.

Next time when you watch these serials try to count the number of females against males. I am sure you would laugh about it.

So keep laughing till the next time.

Arundeep Singh