Toilet paper, Marketing and discontentment

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How come marketing, discontentment and being fool are related? I do not know. It may be and may not be. This thought came to me at a very natural place to be, doing a natural act and about a very common item. Quite a natural idea :-). It hit me when one fine day I noticed the flower pattern on the toilet paper.

I am sure everyone has seen if not used the toilet papers. In India also it has become an item of monthly purchase. Well, toilet paper has quite an history too. You can find some more information here. With the evolution may be toilet paper has become the most common use of paper. If you go to any store and check the toiletries section there would be huge variety of toilet paper. It may be quality, colour, pattern, strength, layers, bleaching strength, texture or even fragrance. There is no limit to the varieties of toilet papers.

Do people really take all these factors into account before making the selection? To me the paper does its job is the best one ;). I do not care about what patterns are made, what fragrance it has or what colour it is. At the end of task all types will go into drain, isn’t it? Do you care about those attributes? May be may not be. You would know better.

Are all those attributes really important? Are they must to create variety? Does it really make people made their choices? Is it that people need those that’s why these varieties are there? Or they have been produced, marketed with great skills and thus changing our minds? I do not know what is driving what? Why is it that we keep looking for something extra than what we need? Especially when we do not need those things. Is it related to the same search for something that we keep looking for in the outside world? And the search which can only end within ourselves. It is the discontentment with what we have and the desire for something that others have. It seems that the simple happiness in our life that we miss, we try to balance it with all the varieties in these things.

Well for whatever reasons we have so many varieties of toilet paper, they are there in the market. I cannot stop the market or change other’s mind. All I know is that when this thought came to me I was laughing and just could not stop myself. At the same time I was also thinking what the other person outside would be thinking that what is making me laugh inside 😀

If you found it funny do laugh at full, if not then you can atleast give a smile. Any of those will do.

Arundeep Singh