Does Language still holds the same meaning?

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Generally we are too much attached to the words. Words in the language that we understand. Any other language, even if someone is abusing us, how does it matter. Those are not words for us, juts another sound, like a sound produced by some vehicle. Some Spiritual Guru has said the similar. Why to get attached to the words so much. We get angry if someone abuses us. It ay lead to fight, even blood shed. Why?? Just because some special sound was made!!!!! But some languages, when they start getting popular could remove such boundaries.

Nowadays Punjabi is being used frequently in Bollywood movies. It may be a song or at times full sentences used in Punjabi. It is like Punjabi is ruling Hindi in movies. Last week, I was listening to Radio while driving. I heard the song with main line “Mar jaani, mar jaani. Khasma nu khaaye mar jaani”. Now this rhythm is beautiful and tone of the song also seems to be a happy tone. I do not know if the context in movie is correct for this song or is it like any other ill-placed and meaning less song in Indian movie. But I am sure, if you come to any village in Punjab and repeat the same sentence to a woman, you will be beaten like anything.

It is one of the famous abuses used in villages by women. It means (something like), “Go die girl, the girl who eats her husband”. It is quite strange, that such a deadly and wild abuse can become main line of a jovial song. And everybody is playing cheerfully on the radios and uttering the same to everybody!!!!!

It is like language has lost its meaning or people has started taking it as just another sound made by vehicle.

Well, don’t worry too much, as I said earlier, Just Keep Laughing!!

Arundeep Singh