Where is Billu Barber?

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Before you continue to read this article, wait and ask yourself a question. Have you watched the Bollywood movie “Billu Barber”. If yes, then it makes sense to read further. Once can read it anyways, but then it may not make that much sense.

Billu barber, the hero. To me it was amazing character. Such a simplicity, humbleness, acceptance, satisfaction and understanding. How can one be a Billu barber? I was thinking, is it really possible to be a Billu barber in today’s world? May be , but it would surely need a gigantic energy to be one.

The roadblocks to become Billu barber were also depicted in the story. It was amazing and to me quite understandable, how people reach at different moment in the screen. The simple living Billu barber was neglected, abused, humilated. But immediately becasue of one rumour everyone was ready to give all to Billu, even the miser Rich man (Om Puri). People except things from Billu, which Billu denies saying that its not possible for me. But when does people listen to others. It has alwasy been personal interest for everybody. And when fianlly Billu could not do it, they again abuse him, call him a lier, send him to police declaring him fraund, cheater. What was Billu’s fault!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fault Billu had was that he was simple man. And it has always been difficult to be simple. This reminds me of a sentence from the another famous Bollywood movie “Bawarchi” (Rajesh Khanna strarrer).

The question is is it possible to be Billu Barber?
What if even everyone is lke Billu?
Will the erth be a better and happy place to be then?
Will there be less terrorism, less racism, less corruption across the planet?

I do not know, but just think. Billu was indeed the most happy and satisfied person.

So keep thining, but do not forgte to laugh.

Arundeep Singh