First big screen movie in Basel

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Well, it has been a little quiet in this blog for sometime. Nothing serious happened. Just that my wife joined me :-D. Well, things has been hectic at both office and at home. Tried to adjust to the new routine and got used to the command at home :-). Alright jokes apart, there is no excuse to procrastination.

So, rather than writing blog on weekend, I did other things. I played cricket after a long time, went to places around the city, been to Zurich etc. But the interesting part that happen to me was that I went to watch a movie at big screen. It took 3 months to hit that road. Do not know why, but for some reason, it never hit me before to go to theater. But it did happen. and I watched 2 movies back to back Fast and furious and X-men Origins. Both good movies.

Good thing about theaters here is that do not have to go to cinema an hour before to get a movie ticket. In Canada, they never gave a seat number, so had to get ticket and sit in hall in advance to get the good seat. In India, they do give seat numbers, but there is so much crowd, you have to reach early to be the first in line. But, here it is easy, no crowd, no rush, easy watching. One strange thing though is for some reason, tickets are cheaper on Monday!!!!! And a big diff too. If it costs CHF 18 on regular day, then it cost only CHF 14 on Monday. Why Monday is special, I do not know yet. Another interesting thing, is that one can bring the snacks and drink from home to the seat. I saw people bringing there bag packs full of snacks and big 2 litre cola, ice tea etc.

Wel, it was fun to watch movie after all at the big screen. Hope to keep the spirit alive.

Keep watching and keep laughing.
Arundeep Singh