The world of equally smart people

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Isn’t this a good picture of equality, while still shouting about patriarchy?

Not being a linguist or any kind of scholar creates problem for people like to me to express an idea in one word. Although in a different perspective language despite its thousands of years of existence and improvement still has many overlaps and is source of confusion in many cases. I just used the last sentence to cover up my laziness to find better words, but as long it work… Alright, the word I am referring to in this case is “smart”. I definitely do not mean smart in the sense of gadget smart e.g. smart phone or smart house or smart watch. That usage would raise a different kind of discussion. I am using smart here in the general sense which includes different types of intelligences ( intellectual, emotional, musical, navigation or others) and also something we refer usually as “street smart” or clever etc.. Maybe there are some other forms that I am not aware of, which would in fact immediately make this article a bit strange as the author itself would not be equally smart, if the reader knows about a different kind of smartness.

Well hopefully, we are aligned on the wide and vague properties of smartness as far this article is concerned. For equality, it is simple mathematical operator applied to smartness. I am not referring to gender, social, human or payment equality here. Just plain mathematics rule, which once everybody is aligned would agree that 2 = 2. This should help us to have a closed discussion. When I say that two people are equally smart, this simply means they are equal in all properties of smartness. The equally smart is not about have some variations in different attributes of smartness and somehow the sum total is equal. What I am referring to is simple, raw equality.

I hope the terminology is aligned. But for what? Do not worry, we are not going to do any physics equations, where we say let’s assume this parameter is constant and then every thing else works, however in fact the given parameter is not constant. No, we will try to remain on the common daily level of casual discussion. I am not sure what is the reason, but for some reason I keep on coming across more and more references/discussions/articles about equality. One of those comes from the group of entrepreneurs. They all like to say, “If can do it, you can too”. Sure, if I could then I would have written that article, given that speech, done that work and you would be reading it. Another source that comes from the world of “spirituality”. For them all people are same, they have same spirit or same source. If you ask them how come then there are gurus and preachers and others are followers, they have very clever way of explaining. Oh, that is because the others are not just aware of this universal/global equality/spirituality, despite being the same.

I could have given some other sources as well, but this spiritual awareness topic reminded me of an incident. I was once in a meditation place for few days. One of these days during the break between meditation sessions, I was happily sitting under the shade of trees. In front of me was a beautiful water source and was listening to birds chirping and singing probably to the incoming rain as the sky was slowly changing its color from blue to dark grey. A lady decided to join on a free seat next to me and we started to chat. Soon another guy joined, who seemed liked self claimed spiritual specialist. He was coming to this place for decades, he mentioned. This time he was into Tai-chi sessions for the first time. In fact he just finished his first lesson in the morning. Suddenly he told me to stop talking as he had his full focus on the lady to channel some energy through her to practice his newly acquired skill. He moved his hands in some form of gesture and asked the lady, if she felt something moving in her. To my surprise, she said “yes”. Now this guy, of course encouraged by this positive feedback, made another gesture by his hands, which to me looked like just reverse of what he did earlier. He asked the lady again. Now this time to my satisfaction, she said “no”. The guy made similar gestures couple of times more, each time the lady said “no”. Of course he was “smart”, so he said,” actually energy is moving inside you based on my actions, but your are simply not aware of it!” Now isn’t this really a smart business? – Flashback over.

I believe equality people and feminism would be happy about it, but just wait till it reach LGBT… crowd. The equation does not remain so simple anymore. Also which countries, which companies with how much turnovers etc?

My thoughts today are just about how the world would look like if all the people are equally smart. Please remember, just equally smart. They still look different, smile different and speak with difference voices; thankfully. For thousands of years preachers have told people how everyone is same. First in the eyes of the God, then in the eyes of the market that gives equal opportunities. But still somehow making sure that there is no real equality. As some people goes to heavens and others to hell. Of course it had to be like that. If all were really equal, then what was the preacher preaching about? The next guy also knows it already and if the original preacher was equally smart, he would know that just stating to the other guy is just stupidity. The same goes for market as well. Does it really provide equal opportunity to all? No, it does not. It depends on the dynamics of people and resources. If all the people working in that would be equal, either it will collapse on one side or will come to stand still, thus stopping its main function. To me inequality is a fundamental property for this world to work. But, still can we imaging how the world would be with equally smart people?

Looking from another perspective, why do we think that we are not already equally smart? With all the information, cross communication, the gaps would have been closed now. I am not talking about the people in the Amazon forest. Let’s leave those guys in their world. In this fast connected world, are we not equally smart? Let my try to take few examples. On the global level, all you need is a one article on Mr. Trump, one photo of his tweet or some statement. Every single person then suddenly becomes equally smart to say as to how this should not be done, or how this is wrong. Don’t get me wrong there exists a parallel world of “equally smart” people who are probably saying what a smart decision it is. McDonald has become representative of fast food stores. If anything negative is happening in that industry, it is usually communicated with label of McDonald. Again just need a small video of flying ballooned animals, or some article of adulterated food, all the people become equally smart to bash the news, comment on every social media, news article about it. Talk about global warming, every person is equally smart to write/talk/comment against all the politicians/scientist/organizations as to how they do not do anything or why the decisions and projects are not the “good ones”. At local level, in any country if a political party makes a decision to change something, almost all people in that context becomes equally smart to deny/ridicule that decision. At global scale banking system is another great example, which just need a small video about interest calculations and money flow. Suddenly, everybody becomes equally smart to understand global economics and go against the banking system. In a small group of managers and engineers, just need a small comic strip of Dilbert to make all engineers become equally smart to think how they are always the good ones, the right ones and managers are just useless. Ocean pollution, another topic which just needs a photo of a fish or seagull with plastic/rubber around it to bring all the equally smart people to condemn it and go on streets to shout against government and organizations to stop it.

This is very special form of equality and not so easy to see and accept. The one who is shouting the slogan louder or commenting more on websites or Facebook should be little bit better than others and not equal, right? But that does not make much different in this context. Context is that today people would end up standing on the same common platform based on the article/tweet/you tube video. Suddenly, all their smartness can bring them against or for Mr. Justin Trudeau. The same smartness keep them in their houses to talk about how the migrants took over local jobs or why manufacturing should not happen in China, while ordering their new gadgets from or create their own amazon shop sourcing from They are equally smart to go on streets to raise slogan against ocean/planet pollution, but also to leave the streets full of plastics, cans, bottles, papers after the much needed hot dogs, meat and beer. While they agree that governments are so bad on taking steps on global warming, but they are equally smart to book that offer price tickets for their trip to Japan or Hawaii or to plan a road trip across their countries or across multiple countries. They are equally smart to conclude that taxes are bad, interests are bad, but no one mind cashing on their retirement funds or dividends or even a lottery. You can find the same smart people going against multi-national products and companies and big enterprises, but the Coke they enjoy or the Toyota/Mercedes they drive is possible to put behind the curtains.

Preachers for a long time are telling people about equality mostly without or some abstract explanations. I see today that people are equally smart to challenge old religious practices of their own culture by concluding they are non sense and illogical. But somehow they are equally smart to accept practices from other culture without much investigations. I am not sure what made all those preachers start the talk about equality, but there is one general expression that is common in most if not all of those preachers; smile. They are all depicted in photos with a subtle smile on their faces. Of course not those pictures in which some of them were tortured. Why were they smiling? Did they know that equality is not fundamental and were smiling just how people easily believed them? Or they could some how see what the idea of equality can bring to the world and smiling on that drama in their minds? I am not sure why they were smiling, but I hope the world becomes equal in terms of smiling and laughing and free to share it with others.

Keep Smiling



A school teacher wrote a note home to Abdul’s mother: “Dear Mrs. Nasrudin, your son, Abdul, is a smart boy, but he spends all of his time with the girls. I am trying to break him of this habit.” The teacher received this reply: “I wish you success. Please let me know how you do it. I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR YEARS TO BREAK HIS FATHER OF THE SAME HABIT.”

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