A Typical Indian Husband

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This is one phrase, that I have come across many times in my life. I am sure most of the people would have come across this amazing phrase too, well most Indians to be precise. It is more of girl’s (I guess better say ladies) phrase. It is used by women more like an abuse against men.

I never understood, what exactly this meant. I have heard it being in use in many flavours; don’t act like a typical husband, her partner is a typical husband or sometimes he just behaves as a typical Indian husband.

I do not like generalization and categorization concepts, viewpoints. But they still exists, otherwise it would be too hard to manage each entity separately. e.g. “Indian food is spicy”, although there are some regions/places where using sugar in vegetables is common. There are so many categories, divisions based on various reasons e.g. religion, country, community, state etc. In all those most popular categories, there is one category tagged as “Typical Indian Husband”.

I never knew what exactly it meant. What attributes does a “Typical Indian Husband” has. All this was a mystery till now. Lately one of my friend gave me a description of this mysterious category, so popular in Indian sub-continent. I do not have her exact words, but I will try to re-iterate as much close to her own words as possible.

“A Typical Indian Husband”

  • expects his wife to cook food for him, wash clothes, utensils, grocery etc or one can say takes complete responsibility of the household work.
  • would not do a single thing in it. Not even washing a glass for that matter.
  • wants his wife for kids, to raise and take care of the them. Everything that relates to kids. He is there just to come, love and kiss the baby.
  • would appreciate if all his viewpoints are agreed upon and everything works the way he wants. The lady’s viewpoint is nothing.
  • believes that lady is not supposed to raise voice, even if the lady feels injustice or hurt.
  • believes that if it is about shopping, it is again lady’s responsibility. He either would not have interest or better not even enter the shop.
  • would transfer the load to lady, if something goes wrong in the house or in relatives because of him.

Well this is somewhat I remember of that description. How many would agree to this as the definition or their behaviors, I do not know. I would appreciate if any lady reads it and leave a comment with addition or deletion to the list to make it a full fledged approved definition of “Typical Indian Husband”.

Thanks to my friend and I wish all the happiness for my friend.

Well, to me it is funny and as usual I could not help but laugh. On the other hand, is it valid only in Indian context?

So keep laughing.


Arundeep Singh

Featured image source : Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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  1. Anonymous

    Agree 100%…i can give a zillion examples where if my husband said or did would be correct but the same if i had to do would be a heinous crime…

  2. Unknown

    How to handle this kind of husband?
    Why they don't understand this will effect our love for them?

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