Kiwis and ready to eat meal

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What is suddenly so important in Kiwi (fruit) and ready to eat meals???????
Nothing special in them, but special is where I live now. So many things change almost completely when a person moves to different country.

In India, I always used to have my meals at some restaurant or at home on weekend. And now I am getting used to ready to eat meals from Haldiram and Kiwi; the fruit I generally do not have in India. It is not that there are no good Kiwis in India, it is just that I am overlaoded with many other things. There is no more the home cooked meal, which my mother gave me every monday, when I leave to CHD. I use that for 3 days, thursday I will have dinner outside somewhere and I am back home on Friday to feel the love of my mother in her cooking and serving.

Well, apart from food, the many other things get changed. The movies in PVR/DT/FR has changed to online movies or torrents. The comfortable weekend at home, playing with my dog, listening to my mother’s nagging (while I being lazy as usual ), and meeting some people at home is no where to find. It has been taken over by weekend shopping to stuff the refrigerator with fruits, Haldiram’s cooking, gujrati rotis, chatting to friends, keep updating orkut profile, upload photos. The whole scenario has changed.

Shopping has changed to. No more going to shops and look for the gadegts/gifts/ things you need. Now I move on inernet, while lying in my bed, comparing the many deals on ebay or other online vendors, search for the ISD calling number, which can provide me a call of 3 Rp/min.

And when all this not enough, then write all this into this blog, when I eating Kiwi to be followed by ready to eat meal from Haldiram!!!!!

I love Kiwis 🙂

Keep laughing

Arundeep Singh