Continuous Change

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Many things changed in last 2 months. Changes on all fronts, work place, location, professional, personal, new friends. It is amazing!!!!! Life just takes a twist and its a new world altogether.

I moved to Basel, Switzerland in Feb for an assignment. Got a chance to handle many different policies, procedures and people. It was a good experience. Starting from the requisting from Visa, to tickets, to move everything from CHD to Khanna, to board a flight and noticing the completely new Airport(Almost), to finally land in Switzerland. Switzerland; people says it is a beautiful place to be; I do not know that for now. Have not travelled out of Basel yet.

I landed in Basel on Friday and noticed that even the city has its own flag. The first weekend itself was amazing. It was like immediately I became part of this place. I met 3 new people; Philip, Divya and Dolika. Each a wonderful person in its own way. Thanks to Philip and Sumit, I learned the Ice skating on the 2nd day of my arrival in Basel. It was a one good experience. I felt like I am a kid again, who cannot walk properly. I was afraid to fall and find my bones broken 😀 . I did fell few times, but at the end I was able to complete 6 rounds of the ground without any support. The price I paid for this experience is that I got cuts and bruises around my ankle. Thanks to the rental skates.

Well, then I just dived into the flowing river and things kept on happening one after another like a flow. Got an apartment, ordered bed and cupboard, got some utensils, beddings and othr household items. Went to few of the many-many restraunts in Basel. Every night I just start roaming around and pick some restraunt at random for dinner. Except for 2-3 times, I had a good food. I loved this food.

Another thing I experienced here is the local trams and buses. The city is too small, it takes no more than 30 min to reach from one end to the other. The public transport is good, the frequency is good enough for the population.

And then I was told that biggest Fest of Basel is happening soon; Fasnacht. I became part of it. It was wonderful experience. Such big flames first and then I was catching oranges and candies on street, while getting soaked by the light drizzle.

So far the life has changed in a new way and I am full with new experience and joy of different kind. Life will change again and lets which direction the current flows. I would love to let the current take me with itself. I would witness and watch the way it takes through ups and downs of the surface.

One thing will be there, change and my smile.

Keep Laughing

Arundeep Singh