Yes, I am lazy

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Should I say more about laziness?

Anybody who has followed my blog even remotely, would know and agree with this title. I wrote earlier about laziness in humans. However, the context was different and it was focused on the species as a general concept of laziness. Today, it is about an individual and that individual is me. The fact that I am writing this article after more 14 months, helps build confidence in this open declaration.

As, I look back I cannot believe it that last two digits of calendar year have moved from 16 to 18 since my last article. It is interesting that last I was writing, I worked with my little knowledge of web programming to improve the outlook of my blog. The idea was that, I would continue to write regularly, thus it must look little better. I am not saying that my blog is the best looking page, so please don’t focus on that. My point is that I was putting effort to make blogging a regular part of my weekly life. And surprisingly just after that, I stopped. All this time it felt like I can write this tomorrow and it won’t make a difference. It did not feel at all that I am being lazy. In my mind, blogging was always there, so how can I be lazy! Funny how this logic works.

We all know that river flows downwards. A stone always rolls down the slope. The same I believe is true about human mind as well. If it finds an easy option then it will pick that unless there is another “force” acting on it. Force can be some goal to be achieved or something which much be done e.g. when nature calls :). I know that physicists are working to find a single unified theory that can explain all physical phenomenon. However, I am not sure if anyone has tried to find some theorem correlating physical laws to cognitive functions of human mind.

Not that uncommon mode of laziness. Just look around
Let me take my own example. I planned to write regular blogs. But writing is not easy task ; at least for me. It involves lots of steps and one can defer to write any of those points.

  • Idea search : One needs to be active to keep looking for ideas. Source could be anything from daily conversations, a movie you watched, some observation you had or by some luck your very own idea. 
  • Pen down the abstract: You do not get an idea always when you sit on your desk to write. One must have the commitment to pen down the abstract immediately, before this amazing device called brain move on to next random thought 
  • Write: This really takes time and dedication. One must have the dedication to sit down and spend couple of hours to collect all thoughts relevant to the abstract and build up a story. Everyone has different ways to do it. I simply do not have a way. I prefer when the story just flows by itself. I cannot write just when my reminder say ” Write blog”. I need to be in some kind of mental situation to write it. Again being lazy? Maybe. But if anyone has postponed writing for this reason, (s)he knows that it feels good at that moment. 
  • Collect related artifacts : I always like to have couple of photos and a joke with my article. This needs additional time to search for photos (if I do not have one of my own). One must check for copyrights and provide references accordingly. To find related joke can be really tough some time. Especially with ever growing Internet, searching a simple joke can be quite a work. 
  • Publish: Finally when all is done, one can put it all together, edit photos, check layout etc. and publish the article. 

I hope above points were enough to convince you that writing is a heavy task and needs a lot of dedication. Now, why should I not postpone it when I can read something interesting in the mean time? Of course reading is easier than writing, but it is made to look even easier and attracting when all the tools around you can take you to some interesting article. Link from Facebook, Whatsapp, an email from some website, where you forgot to uncheck the subscribe newsletter button or at that time you thought it is interesting for you.

Is this guy thinking to resell it later?

If you still on the down slope ride with me, lets go to the next level. Watching! Anybody who is on Internet cannot say (s)he has not watched something on Youtube or another video platform. Of course movies, series, news are the standard topics, but now we also spend a lot of time watching and sharing some cat or dogs video as well. This takes us to the next level. It is not just an easy activity, but it is also engaging. We cannot take our eyes from the screen, big or small while to keep the noise low, we use our headphones.

Well, I mentioned the new methods in front, just because they are more mainstream nowadays. I had no intention to disrespect the little older traditional ways. One can just go to a bar or a cafe or another place, just to have some gossip for some hours. The last one I would use to make this case is sleeping. This is ultimate level. We would love to stay in bed, if we do not find some reason to get us out of that comfort.

These are the standard steps coming down the slope. I forgot to mention other distractions that can pull us away from the path. New interests, hobbies, learn new skill etc. These may not always be bad, this is the reason to keep them in distractions. Nowadays, we are provided with thousands of options everyday. No one need to come to me to tell me that I should try some yoga, cooking, tai-chi, meditation, dance, painting etc. You name it and there is someone telling you, ” You must try it!” Remember, just yoga has today thousands of variations each fighting to claim the best and newly improved. The distractions are always catchy and stand out as a delicious looking dessert; imagine that multi-colour full cup of sundae. It takes a lot of effort to say no to those and be clear to pick which one you want to try. Lazy way is just keep picking them.

This form of laziness is increasing, thus supporting my earlier point of species level laziness
In one year, I preferred reading over writing, watching over reading, distractions over keeping focus. Thankfully all that did not completely waste my year. I managed to pick up on my college topic of machine learning, which apparently is popular in corporate market, as opposed to universities and colleges 15 years ago. I learned about functions of body, brain, neurobiology, science of sports, pain management and holistic living, did some DIY work at home, became more reuse and less wastage aware. Helped some people with there work in computers, with wood-work with painting walls, learned little more about financial management.

In all of those things, writing was left behind. After lots of procrastination, I finally managed to turn to my editor and write this article. I really feel happy while I am finishing this one. It is the feeling I ran to the top of a cliff and shout my lungs out in the valley, “I am lazy!”. I feel confident to keep on writing now. If any one has any tip to make it easier, please share it.

Hmm, seems like my laziness won’t stop till everything becomes “easier”.

Keep smiling



The man told his doctor that he wasn’t able to do all the things around the house that he used to do. When the examination was complete, he said: “Now, Doc, I can take it. Tell me in plain English what is wrong with me.”

“Well, in plain English,” the doctor replied, “you’re just lazy.”

“Okay,” said the man. “Now give me the medical term so I can tell my wife.”