Yet Another Conspiracy Theory : Womenspiracy

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Frankly, I am not sure which Illuminati does this belong to. But it seems it is in popular culture

Conspiracies are all around us. If not in reality then in gossip for sure. Most of conspiracy theories run on the fuel of imagination and negative feelings against system or other groups or communities. Almost anything can be related to some conspiracy. It is not just left to media, news agencies, film makers. Everybody is willing and in fact quite enthusiastic to contribute in conspiracy theories. In any gathering, from a coffee shop discussion or in a park, during travels or evening special meetings, if the energy levels are going low and discussions start to feel boring, a conspiracy theory always adds a spice. People suddenly feel alive like someone just gave them much needed water after a long walk on a hot summer day. Why are they so much interesting to us? I think conspiracy is very special form of gossip, where one is trying to build up layers of news about others behind their back, either for fun or for some benefits. And if we have to believe some researchers/scientists, then gossip was one of the main reasons why humans developed language or the ability to speak so that when we come back from search or the guard duty we could gossip about others, as to how some (we don’t like) did not do a good job or the others (we like or want to be connected to) were just amazing today in the hunt.

I do not need to mention any conspiracies to clarify as to what a conspiracy theory means. However, some times I had discussions among my disconnected circles, where a very active conspiracy theory is just a joke for another. The group that is unaware of the conspiracy theory would feel like if I have told them that it was me who started this Universe, while the other group is losing their hair because of it. I am sure many would have watched the  movie conspiracy theory and maybe some have even watched Cowspiracy. The general definition of conspiracy theory is that it cannot be proven by scientific/analytical methods. However, still there are people who believe that earth is not round and are strong supporters of “Flat earth” conspiracy. Be it Illuminati or Rothschild, be it Chemtrails or just your local dump yard ineffectiveness, they all attract their own followers with almost the same level of awe and curiosity, as humans were about falling rain or snow flakes in stone age.

I have had the opportunity to learn about many conspiracies over time. A lot of them happened to be against capitalism and politics and of course the people working in those domains. On the other side there are more and more women oriented activities around the globe. It would appear almost like women are just awakening in this world from a long deep sleep. Some neurons somehow fired in some strange pattern that I happened to think of a new conspiracy. As a disclaimer, maybe there already is, I just did not bother to search the internet. This conspiracy is that all the women freedom and women liberation and equal jobs and sports and so on is actually a big conspiracy of capitalist industry for their own benefits.

I am sure that after the last sentence many just do not want to read further. It would be like this guy is just dumb, stupid, idiot, fool etc. I hope some are still a bit curious and also have some extra time which they could not figure out what else to do with. Of course some are just reading with some kind of anger or disgust to see what kind of non-sense there is in this conspiracy. In a very simple way, there is nothing special about this. It is just the same thing or lets say collection of many things together. After all, if we can discuss about flat earth and moon landing as a conspiracy, why not this? I decided not to make any kind of list to make my point, like a well thought article or published paper. However, in next paragraph or two I would like to make simple cases for this theory and hopefully can connect to similar existing theories.

I am not sure how many saw it and still eating meat, while promoting the movie and idea as well.

From my personal experience and a little bit of understanding, from reading and being part of different families in different countries, about the world social organization, few generations ago women were mostly responsible for managing the house hold work. The daily tasks were pretty much well defined and segregated between two genders. At the end of the day these categories would come together to make a whole just like pieces of puzzle. This in general also meant that with just one person doing “the job’, the family was able to make a comfortable living. Most families had atleast 2 kids, if not more, but still everyone could get their holiday presents. This was the usual case, before the industrial revolution and for a big part after that revolution. With Industrial revolution, the man-kind and thus the “Industrialist” or “capitalists’ managed to increase their production efficiency. For an example, if they could make cloth for 2 people in a week, now it is possible in a day for many more people. However, soon after their celebrations of industrial/engineering success was over, they realized that challenge was not just to be able to make it faster and easier. The bigger challenge is to able to sell those extra produced units. This of course was not just limited to clothes. I am sure you can imagine the situation with shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, hats, vehicles, gadgets and so on. They could make machines to be able to make more products, but they could not do anything about creating more humans at the same pace. So, one fine day the big giants came together and held a meeting, as usual a private, at undisclosed location with only secret high level members involved in it. Viola! There came the easy magical solution to double the consumer base. “Women must get out of the house!”

Alright, I hope I have attention from some of you now atleast. If not in a serious way, I hope that you are still reading with curiosity and with a smile on your face. Let’s imagine a woman at home in old times performing usual chores of the day. Would she need a perfume every day or multiple perfumes for the day to wash clothes or make food? What about when she is working outside and going to afternoon, evening business and social meetings? At home the demand on clothes is usually less. What if we make them go out every day and create a “work clothes” culture? She is staying at home and stitching clothes, making woolen for her family. Why not make her go out and find a way to be able sell her all those things for extra money? A woman at home is making fresh food for her family on daily basis. Why not send her out and create a consumer base for ready-made/packed/canned food, refrigerators and even a simple bread? A woman at home does not need any vehicle to go anywhere as she is waiting for weekend when both can go out together or may be just ask the man to buy things on the way home. Why not send her out on weekdays and create the market for extra vehicles. She is working at home and staying healthy as it needs quite a physical effort. Why not send her out to create a market to sell health products/gyms and other tools and gadgets. The women at home know a lot about food and children that they have developed their own home remedies by experience and sharing. Why not send them out, so they forget about it and rely on Industrial products to cure even a simple cold?

It was not just a one time effect. The capitalists kept on learning and adapting and creating new ways to create new markets. For example, when they started to sell more and ready made clothes, they found that a lot of small pieces are left that are hard to use. Women at that time either were not out in public swimming or they had full clothes. Bang! This was a perfect fit. Bikini is launched and since then have kept women and even men active!. It brought together cosmetics, health care, slimming products, tanning, effective use of small clothes all at once. The market, which still occupies a big section of stores today. This was so special, that I have to take help from Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. Sheldon mentions in an episode when Penny takes him to buy a suit. She pick up a black suit and Sheldon say,” But this is a lot of money for just one color!”. Of course there was another conspiracy to take away colors from Men’s fashion definition, but in this case, it is about, “But, that’s a lot of money for such a small piece of cloth!”. Somehow, real estate was still lagging behind as men and women still lived together. There came the women independence drive and their will and right to live alone. Now you can rent and sell houses/apartments to more customers. While the getting out from the “slavery of the house” to “slavery of the office” campaign worked very well, the area of sports was left behind. Ask yourself to name 2 famous footballers or hockey players. Apart from Tennis, women are not that much a celebrity in sports as compared to walking on public stages to show some clothes or getting photographed for the new swimsuit calendar. This stage walking ability was made so special for women that today even in the fields where mind is celebrated over beauty, a stage show is considered almost a must.

I hope you are not thinking that I am just making it up. Try to convince a woman today that they were psychologically programmed to start smoking cigarettes and see what answer you get. But still there are people, who says that during the times, when smoking was considered just unsocial, disrespected act by women, a campaign about women empowerment was used to help ensure that tobacco Industry can spread their business to more number of customers without burning lungs of men in just one day!

I think and hope that above is a nice small list of cases that can make a good enough case for this conspiracy theory. I could list many more cases, but I believe I would let the reader use the most powerful visualization tool to create a movie over time period and fill the gaps i.e. imagination. There is no doubt that there was a big multi-decade project plan by the big corporates to improve their profits while making sure that people think they have made their own decisions for their own good and for society in large. Of course, it involved specialized team of psychologists, marketing and propaganda, financial agencies and of course political parties to be able to pass and accept appropriate laws.

Maybe without this conspiracy women would have stayed at home or maybe not. We do not know. Maybe few things happened due to this conspiracy and others happened to be just unintended side-effects. However, I think it does not matter if a woman is at home, at a beach, in a market, in an office meeting, in a gym, in a sports field, in hospital, in police or any other place on earth or elsewhere, when she smiles at you, it changes something in you (at least for men 🙂 ) and makes you smile back.

Keep Smiling


Arundeep Singh

Two Jews meet on the street.

“David, how have you been?”

“N-n-not so good. I was just turned down for a j-j-job.”


“At a r-r-radio s-s-station. Anti-S-S-Semites!!!”