Young entrepreneurs – is it really so good?

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The school kid made million dollar company, the teenage girl opened her business or kid quits school to start business. Or a 2 years kid remembers the whole map of earth or the walking “google search”. Does these statements sound familiar? You must have read recently somewhere that a new “bizkid” is in the market, right? How does it feel to read about it? From the media, online or paper, it is “the news”. Published multiple times over as copies and marketed across the globe. It spread like the miracle performed by some demi (GOD). For GOD stories you can always refer to some Indian media for a quick reference. Two easy references are Maya Penn and Nick D’Aloisio of Summly.

I think it gives people a thrill when they read such a news. It is a topic that get people engaged in discussion. Some discuss it as they are evaluating against their achievements/talent/ abilities at that age. Other discuss it because they look forward if their kids will also create such a big news. And some, like me, discuss it just for the sake of it as they probably do not have anything else better to do. Very quickly the topic moves from mainstream media to social media and discussion amongst friends on or off the online social sites. Twitter, FB, Linkedin and similar really help boost the discussion.

But, is this really so good? Does it mean when kids are doing great things in human designed business, it is all for positive? Does it, mean we start to expect all kids to do such wonders? Will the world be a better place if kids start doing the business, research, education? Is there really no downside of this trend? May be. However, at the same time other forums are having discussion on the opposite side of the bridge. They are talking about happiness of the new generation. Illusions created due to expectations and believes passed by generations. they are looking at the wider impact of changes.


All praise to the kids, but what happened to innocence, playfulness, enjoying the moment, being wild. What happened to those stories, those running around the streets, those doing crazy things? This “business life” which we used to attach earlier to “adults” is now being defined as norm for kids. last generation already started the competition for better performances in school, colleges, sports, extra-curricular, job etc. They started as one thing at a time. Nowadays, we expect every one to be a genius  a super(wo)man in everything. The challenges this pressure has created as a whole is known and I am not listing it here for discussion. For sure one can always argue about a thing from various viewpoints. For me, however, to able to simple, happy meaningful life values more than to be able to generate brilliance and business for which we never know the complete impact. Not be a critic, but as an example,  Maya Penn’s eco-friendly, environment friendly necklace made of lace flowers, brass, and glass beads sells for USD 95. How does it helps the world in which we have regular discussion about 1% of population having 99% of the wealth. (Values are used to make a point. Not exact data).  
I think this gazal from Jagjit Singh is the perfect reflection of my feeling about this biznews. I would be happy to have your view as comments on the blog and have a healthy discussion on the topic. Be it bizkid or a normal country side kid with simple needs, I wish both can keep smile and respect each when they meet.

Keep Smiling.