When “I met Oracle” – Let the game begin (Part4)

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Parts : One, Two, Three, 4
The last time I shared with you, how my conversations went with the “simpler” lady; if you allow me to say that ladies can be simple. Well, there were some struggles but, at the end she did accept me and allowed me in. After that pleasing and comforting feeling, time was to start playing further. For the start, my plans are simple to have the feeling of her, before I make any complex moves.
Now, I need some simple game to play, in this case a simple Web application with less demands. It should still allow me to get closer to her and understand her better. I asked uncle Google for help and as almost always he was available. Being kind to me for this “sensitive matter”, he specially advised me for a “simple game“. I love uncle Google.
The information he provided was really helpful and easy to follow. After 5 minutes, I was ready to play. As per the instruction manual, I
  • Downloaded the source code. 
  • Tried to compile it. I realized that “Ant” was not functioning, although available as a utility to manage the lady :(. 
  • I went on to download “Ant” afresh.  
  • Configured it as per the instructions
  • Compiled the application code as given. 
  • Store it on an appropriate location on the machine hosting Admin Server. 
Now, I have the game ready at my place to be used. The only thing left is to introduce the same to the beauty. Being a lady, it takes little extra time to teach her. (No offense to the female community as such).
Being curious with the simplicity, I verified the acceptance in
This is really good news. Smilingly, I pressed the “start” button. The games started and it did come up with the expected result providing me the menu to choose further. I tried it from different directions; different managed server hosts; and checked the monitoring status. The game has been accepted fully with different parts working properly. But, it is tedious to target each manager server separately. I wanted to talk one language, and it should automatically take care of the different moods of the beauty. Now I need some central agent to do this for me.
There are multiple options to do the same. I went for the simplest one available to me.
These components are working now and everyone is talking to each other. I tried my agent to talk to my lady. It was a different feeling to see the smile again on her face. I tried different menus available and everything is working. Now, I moved a step further and stopped one of the managed servers. Opened a dialog through the agent and everything is working smoothly again; Notice the new hostname and port number This game is going really good. The dialog is now managed by available servers. The only unknown part left was, “how to know which character of the lady (managed server), I am talking to. For this I had to clean my rusty hands on the programming language once again.
With a little push to memory, a little advice of uncle Google and a bit of work on my side. This is all was needed to customize the game to suite the requirements. I had recompiled the application to show the hostname of the host processing the request. A simple test said it all.
Playing is fun with the lady and this setup ensured that games can run longer. I played a little more before finally saying good bye for the day. This was basic test and does not capture the advance features e.g. session failover etc. That would be a game for some other day. For now I am happy and satisfied with the relationship with this one.
This relation told me how to play longer games with the beauty. Definitely, the game I chose did not have all the features, which this lady can utilize. But that is not fault of the beauty. She provided everything to the game. Now it is up to the beast, how much he wants to utilize it.
Now it is the time to say Good bye and to go back to my first lady; SAP. She is calling again. How long can she let me loose to roam around? I will share the stories of my experience with first lady in new environment soon. Keep watching the space.
Arundeep Singh