Encyclopedia or Uncyclopedia ?

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Encyclopedia. Everyone who went to school or have been interested in studying know what an encyclopedia is. I was never a studious boy in school. My introduction to encyclopedia happened quite late. One of my friend introduced it to me when I was in 8th grade. At least that’s what I remember now. I guess my weak memory might have been the reason, why encyclopedia and I have not got along well with each other. As encyclopedia means a lot of data, and that is something which I had always trouble keeping in my memory :). I remember encyclopedia as one big book. Then I saw a collection of books ” Britannica Encyclopedia” in my brother’s library. I never opened it.

Encyclopedia historically used to be a collection of almost unlimited articles on papers. Various authors wrote on different topics. All the articles were collected in categories. The end results is a huge book to go through. Britannica is one such encyclopedia which is divided into multiple volumes. With the advancement in Internet and digital media technologies, encyclopedia also took electronic form. e.g. D.K encyclopedia is one good online encyclopedia. Or if you prefer then use Britannica. Wikipedia was one such project which revolutionize the encyclopedia. It is probably the most used online free encyclopedia.

Nature almost always exist in duality. How can encyclopedia could exist alone then. I discovered the other side of it recently. This is called uncyclopedia. I came across it when I was searching for a new religion. It was kind of double discovery. I found an interesting religion and uncylopedia at the same time. The new religion is pastafarianism. It is not as rich as wikipedia, but it was really interesting. All the articles are written with a completely new are refreshing angles. Some may be against the article content, but that is OK. Even in encyclopedia people have their own reservations.

So, go ahead. Unload your old and rotten knowledge acquired from ancient encyclopedia and get a refreshing change with Uncyclopedia. Some good articles. India, Christianity, America.

I am sure even if you disagree with some content, at least it will make you laugh.