Real and virtual social life

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Few days ago I joined Facebook. Why? Below could few of the reasons.

  • I gave up finally to all the “join me on facebook” requests.
  • To build a network with friends on facebook.
  • To have a backup of friends network in case orkut is suddenly vanished.
Other reasons, I do not know. Mind is too complex to really understand. Sure, it was not a choice that I prefer facebook features or something like that.
What I do special on facebook? Answer is simple ; Nothing. It is just that now I have yet another URL to open and check if there are any updates. I do not know why I do that. It is like an addiction. At least you open a page once a day or so. Crazy!!!
Interestingly I came across very good article, which put some of my views about virtual networks in a very beautiful way. I loved it. The article is ” Some ditched social networks to reclaim time, privacy“. Some of the point valid for me.
  • Problem of too much : Sometimes there are people in the network, whom we do not even communicate in years. But because it is easy to push a button, we simple accept the request. Then you are flooded with so many updates, which I do not even care to read.
  • 24/7 life : You are almost always hooked to this information flow. People are updating about themselves or others all the time. With application taking on mobile devices, you are not left alone even on the move!!!. Does not human body need biological rest? I always love to be on holiday, where there is no access to Internet.
  • Too many networks : The problem is multiplied by the point that you have to manage all that not just once. You have to expected each details in copies on all the variation of social networks.
  • Virtual vs Real: I am personally more inclined towards real life than virtual. Although one can argue that our own life could be actually “virtual”. Thanks to Matrix :). Still, I prefer to talk to people face to face. I prefer physical games over video games. Yes, I did play video games and own a PSP as well. But, after using all those I realized I am not for these. The concept of “Second life” was too much for me. I never went that way. And as the article says, ” Now we introduce our friends from facebook or Orkut rather than New York or New Delhi!!! “.
Everyone has its own preferences, but sometimes we do things without knowing if we really want to do it. At times we have environmental limitations. e.g. Grand parents can at least check photos of their grand children or talk to them on video conferences. I believe that it does not make up for that special touch in your hands. We have also moved from having real home cooked food served by your mother to grand-ma secret recipes delivered in packaged food.
Recently I also heard about virtual offices. You have a proper address, an official telephone number, a receptionist to respond to that number, but you are physically not there at all. Every thing is managed by service providers in the backend. They even deliver your mails to your actual address and help you forward calls and arrange virtual meetings too.
At the end it is about preferences and compromise that one is ready to make. To me being satisfied, healthy and to be able to laugh are more important. If you get it from social networks or can I say virtual life; then even it is good.
PS: Thanks to the blogs and articles for pictures. for lifecycle of Social network. for Da Vinci modification.