Different strokes

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Different Strokes used to be one of my favourite comedy series in school days. It was such a simple but beautiful series. The favorite character was Arnold among all other good ones. It showcased different situation that can come up in anybody’s life in a very light hearted and funny way. At times there were some emotional scenes too, but they were always less in number. There were some other serials too, but I remember Different Strokes the most.
Fast forward 15 years. I went to high school completed by bachelors somehow and then to everyone’s and my own surprise I received Master’s Degree as well. During Master’s a kind gentleman offered me a job. Now I have spent about 6 years in Industry doing something, which most of the times I fail to understand. The behaviour, characteristics, liking – disliking, preferences etc all have changed. The complications have increased. I am completely a new personality now.
For this personality, thanks to some creative mind, who produced this new series Rishta.com. It is really amazing. They try to look at life from a different angle each time. It is funny in its own way. I would not have enjoyed this show in school time. This is probably the perfect timing to watch this serial. The most important thing about this show is the message, that a person only learns when he himself comes through the situation. If you try to make someone understand he may never understand. They deliver this message in such a simplistic way, it is really amazing.
I love this show and wait for next episode to release. You can try it as well. I hope it helps you laugh a little with different strokes of life.