Watch your back!!!

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Secene 1 : A person was working in office. He has colleagues, juniors and seniors. He is generally respected in the circle. One fine day, he quits the job. Suddenly the environment in the group changes. All kind of negative points are discussed. If there were any pending tasks, crisis situation, all can be easily blamed on him. Isn’t this a very common situation? Or may be in my network only.

Scene 2: Marketplace. Some friends have gathered for some get together. Everybody is talking to each other quite cheerfully. Sharing of events is happening. Now the big group is divided into smaller groups. Still some good sharing session is on. Soon good topics are over. Now, the talk is about the negative points, bad habits of other firends who is not in this sub-group. It may be behaviour, attitude, his liking, house, girlfriend etc. could be anything. This is also a common situation, isn’t it?

People always have some neagative views hidden about others. They save it for the moment when the person moves away. It seems like that such a talk has either some humar factor or satisfaction or a feeling of being better involved in it. I am sure when everyone goes their “relgious/ spiritual” sessions, they condemn such things. Interestingly, if there is someone who does not bad talk at anyone’s back, he has a very high probabilty of being tagged as boring or out of the clan status!!!! Everyone has the ability to justify his position, atleast in his own understanding.

Lately, reflecting on the recent attrition in the Indian Software industry, a senior manager said it is nothing to be worried about. No good person is leaving, only the bad people are leaving. And in other companies also same thing is happening. So overall in the ecosystem, it is an exchange of bad people!!!. Please note, that these people got 30-50% jump easily while shifting. At the same time organisations also make a statement that they always recruit good candidates. After all that is what the purpose of those sophisticated HR processes, people and the “good people” left in the company. What’s wrong here? Am I missing something? To me it looks like either those “good people” and sophiticated process are dumb enough to give huge money to bad people Or the “good people” are really not so OR it is simply another bunch of lies put together.

Such statements/lies are very much common in various situation in life. All this always happens at your back. This really amuses me. All the people in various situations keep on talking about truth, integrity, transparency etc. But the same group also keeps alive a hidden idea, that if it really becomes a reality then life may be too boring.

To me, if all this is happening for the fun of it, it is all fine. But human mind is so complex, humor is not the only factor involved. all I can say is, “watch your back!”. How much that is up to you. It may also happen that you may be able to watch you back always, but it may be an illusion.