kyun ki .. vs “24” – same same but different

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Indian audience would know what “Kyun ki… ” refers too. This name today represents all the Indian TV Soaps. May be some would prefer ” Ghar ghar ki.. “. For me it does not make such difference. I just cannot withstand these serials. How does my liking matter, they are still one of the best TV shows in Indian houses. And lately I was introduced to another popular American series “24“. I watched two seasons of this series and then something struck my mind. Well, so many things keep striking my mind; I seem to have a hard skull :).

At first, let’s see what is common between two.
  1. They are TV serials. Does it need a mention? May be not, but still a common attribute.
  2. Both tries to sell an exciting story.
  3. They rely on the connectedness of the episodes.
  4. They both play with same human psychology that suspense keeps the mind bounded.
  5. They repeat the “similar” stories.
  6. Both try to make the story as complex as possible.
  7. May be some more.
So what is that make me more inclined towards “24” than “Kyun Ki..”. I believe some of the reasons could be.
  • “24” is fast pace than “Kyun ki..” Literally I can understand the story of “Kyun ki..” by watching 1 episode per month of this daily series!!
  • “24” pumps up your adrenaline. May be being a male, I naturally tend to prefer this.
  • The season of “24” is small, only 24 episodes. Unlike “kyun ki..”, which just never ends.
  • The linkage between 1 season to another is beautiful in “24”.
  • It does not get too overloaded with dramatic family scenes and issues.
But, irrespective of my liking or disliking, both are popular series. How?
  • They both run in virtually different worlds.
  • Both knows their audience and target them.
  • The content is continuously adjusted and re-adjusted to change in audience and their preferences.
This is somehow related to a completely different topic. Does it also not infers that we all live in our own world and each is right in their own world? Although each could be wrong in other’s world.

Well, related or not, like or dislike, popular or not, just make your choice and watch it. Make sure you enjoy what you do.