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Just 2 days ago I was preparing an excel sheet for my finance management purpose. I spent a lot of time preparing it. Then as usual I just saved it and uploaded in Gmail account. So that I can download it somewhere else to modify it and upload it again with modifications for further use.
NOTE : We need to have the corresponding software installed on every machine that we are going to use.
Just then a thought cross my mind. Why not we have web based application account for different application? e.g in my case it was Excel sheet.
In my opinion it is a wonderful idea to have an online account of such an application, where I can create my documents, modify them from anywhere in the world and that too without the need on any EXCEL software installed on the local machine.
I was very happy to think of such a wonderful idea to give the power of different applications an all together a different dimension.
I came back home, searched in Google and to my surprise Google has just launched such an
account for EXCEL sheets. Try it on . I used it, it is a wonderful application though does not match the desktop application yet.
After the first shock, I was happy to see that my own idea has been implemented and that too recently.
Thanks Google. Keep it up. And beware I am just a few months behind you 🙂
Arundeep Singh