Where do you belong?

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Associations holds a lot of importance in human life. The neural structure itself relies a lot on associative links. Historically, across the globe humans have tried to associate themselves in various ways. Many of those are common associations. One of those common and important associations is with the place of birth. With humans settling in certain areas, they developed associations with particular are of land. This association with land started with small areas, grew to villages to cities to cantons to countries and continents. This hierarchical model of association was helped by advancement in science, global movement of humans and the need to define boundaries to avoid regular fights.

How important is this association really is ? Yes, one would say it is most important. Isn’t this is the 2nd question we asked to strangers; Where do you belong to?; after asking their names ? We somehow feel very comfortable after knowing the whereabouts. May be because it somehow helps us decide how much can we loosen up our guard. It is important even in astrologist. As based on you place of birth, you destiny may change!! Other view can probably be tagged as more philosophical/spiritual view. This is that it does not matter at all. At the end of the day result is same for everyone.
Whatever would be the view on a day to day basis, no one can deny the importance of your association with mother land. Especially nationality is important when you have to move across countries. A challenge has been posed by the global movement of humans across the globe. As the people who historically had attributes of a particular nation moved to other nations. Now the next generations are confused about their associations with land!!!
In one of the episodes in “Dance India Dance” and NRI boy living in Canada said a really beautiful thing. He said that he finds it bad that when he is in Canada, then people there says that you are an outsider. When he comes to India, people here also thinks the same. He feels so bad about it knowing that he is not accepted anywhere!!! Isn’t it a new kind of category being created like many others. We have already tagged as NRI. But can there be a category as global citizens? What would that mean, I am not sure. But I would like to think, if humans can shed the attachment to places and the categories created around it. Isn’t it possible to say that we belong to this world?

I believe this one-world phenomenon theoretically sounds quite beautiful. I have seen this being capitalised in some areas, but for its selling power not for its beauty. We may also have multiple one-world initiatives. We then again need to decide , which one-world we belong to?