Be Single, Be Happy……!

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Lately, I have been watching another TV series The main group of people runs a marriage bureau. It is one of the few series, which I liked in my life. Every episode picks a theme. There are various acts going on the same time. Different people, different scenes, different locations, different topics, but they are linked in one way. That one is the theme of the day, the aspect of the life which is the targets of the day. I love the concept. Additionally, it is free of all the fuss in regular Indian TV series. It is simple, straight forward and moves at an easy pace, while touching different aspects of life. The first season is over now.

One character, in one of the episode gave and an interesting reflection on the topic of this blog. The reflections are :
  1. Being Single is good.
  2. You only have to think about yourself.
  3. You do not need to keep anyone else happy.
  4. Being single means that your morning, your evening, your night is yours.
  5. Live as you wish.
  6. Live this moment.
  7. Try something new everyday.
  8. Being single means that you are not restricted by others. There are no imposed Do’s and Don’ts.
  9. Listen only to your own heart.
  10. Dream new dreams everyday.
  11. Stay late in bed as you like and till the time you like.
  12. Have fun in your own life.
  13. There is some kind of blissfulness in being single.
  14. Only remember what you want to remember.
  15. Simply forget, what you do not want to remember!
  16. Just feel free, have fun.
  17. If you cannot live happily with yourself , you cannot live happily with anyone else too.
  18. Just love being single.
I am sure everyone has different views about it. There is another reflection of “Single vs Married“. After all if being single was so good and at the time so obvious to the world. The marriage organizers and other shops owners would have been dead by now :D. At the same time if being married/together was so good, then there was no need for divorce lawyers 🙂
Whichever the group you may fall in, I must that if you know how to laugh, how to share your smile, how to be happy and remain in a bliss in “this” moment, then everything else is is just and endless debate.
Keep laughing, keep smiling.
PS: By the way which group are you in?

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  1. Vishal Devgon

    Reminds me of a quote – "Happiness is not everything in life :).
    One should get married too."

  2. Arundeep Singh

    he he, well it depends on individual choices. No one thing completes all the requirements.

    But the quote seems to imply that, people should stop using the other phrase "Happily married":)

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