We are where we are at the only time we have

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If just I could be there at “right time”. I was not at the “right place” at the first moment to make much of the moment. How many time do you hear such sentences? From your brothers, uncles, sisters, wife, colleagues and even yourself. It is such a common phrase, that I wonder if we ever pause for a moment to check what it really means. Why would you think about such a simple sentence. It is so “right”. We have grown up using it, it got to be right. Really?
I was reading a novel, “riot“. Author is Shashi Tharoor. This is the first book, I read of this author. I just found, while searching a link for this blog, that he is also a Member of parliament Thiruvanthapuram. Does it make any change to my preferences to select his books? No, I just select books on the impulse when I enter the bookshop. I just read the abstract on the book and feel it. If somehow I get a positive vibe, I just buy the book. Anyhow, lets not go further deep into my book selection process. The book is really good and very well written. Especially the style of writing was good. See if you can read it.
In this book I came across this line, which really summarized what I have thought in pieces at different times in my life. The character says this at a very special moment in the story. The line is, ” We are, where we are at the only time we have”. It is such a beautiful statement. Probably one of the most beautiful ones, I have ever heard. It simplifies so many things. In a way it means, ” Whatever happens, happens for the good”. The “good” part may be debatable though. All those “what if”, “If all I could have ..”, ” If I would have (not) made the decision ..” will disappear immediately, if we understand the meaning of this statement. All that one can do, it to move forward from this point, based on the current situation, circumstances, priorities and understanding of the world. There is no way to change anything once it has passed, even if just a second has passed by.
Have you ever felt, if you could change few things in your life? I believe there is a very high probability for the answer to be “Yes”. I have also been told many a times that I should not have made “that ” decision or should have taken ” that ” action in my life. But, thanks to my poor memory, most of the time I do not remember such things. If somehow the memory misbehaves and I do remember, I have not felt anything to be regretful of. What can I do by regretting anything that happened in the past!!! I am simply wasting my present. The benefit of this kind of thinking could also be considered “not good” by some. But that is what gave this world diversity, isn’t it?
So, please check where you are at whatever the time you have?
My suggestion: Whatever the place is, whatever the time is if you can smile, it is “good”.