Pay it Forward OR ARK?

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This week triggered by one of the YouTube video uploaded by my friend, I watched this really good movie “Pay it forward”. The movie was really good. The big idea and they way it was projected, the boy, all was too good. Amazing!!!! It looks so simple while watching the movie. Is it reality? By the end many thoughts runs through my mind. I am tired of my this mind now, never stops 🙂 Some of the thoughts, that I still remember.

1. What came first, Multi-level marketing OR “Pay it forward” ?
2. Isn’t the Pay it forward too structured and too enforced? I am not saying that the writer said it is fixed. It just gets fixed in human find.
3. Would not that mean that all people needs to be good to Pay it forward ?
4. If it comes like a structure, soon people feel enforced and that would mean revolt.
5. The last part of the movie, when the boy dies while helping his friend. How many people will really be encouraged to follow Pay it forward? I understand that the concept does not say you need to reach that level, but still human mind is too mischievous.

In contrast to this structured method of Pay it forward, I heard about another beautiful concept; ARK? Act of Random Kindness. This is one which really does not have any rules, no structure, no methodologies, no big tasks or expectations. Totally random, if you feel like. An act like helping someone cross the road, giving way to others in need, helping someone in traffic, pass a compliment ,saying thank you, passing a smile. These are very small things, can be done totally random, anytime of the day, without much of an effort. If one wants one can do bigger tasks too. If someone does small things at random, it by and by builds up your nature for kindness.

e.g. Smiling is such a big power and it takes nothing. Share your smile with other, feel the sharing, feel the smile in sharing. You will really feel that you are getting a lot in return. Similarly, “Thank you” is another powerful and simple phrase. This is not used so often today. Mostly it is used in official manner without feeling the emotions of it. If you really feel it and mean it when you say “Thank you’, I am sure the other person notice it. It changes a lot in your and other also in a very subtle way that without you even noticing it you get changed.

Personally, I would not care if you follow “Pay it forward” or “ARK” or any other method. One thing I would definitely suggest that please keep smiling, laughing and saying thanks in your list.
So keep laughing and keep making other’s laugh.