Positive and negative

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On one side there is are news full of negativity e.g. recessions, lay-offs and from other side there are TV shows also full of negativity like “Kyun Ki…..”. It is not so uncommon to read news of lay-offs. At the same time in other part of the world, there are news of people quitting to find better jobs. Even the good news receives a lots of negativity ( Check the comments section). Then there are news of global warming, high living costs, increasing inflation and what not. Seems like nothing good is left.

In the midst of all this, people are doing creative things. They keep on releasing the positive energy with their creativeness and commendable attitude. Be it the positivity, friendliness and energy of the dancers of Dance India Dance, or the sophisticated comedy of Rishta.com. It could be the overflowing energy of players in IPL 3. Even in bollywood, movies like 3 idiots are keeping the spirits high. It is sad that it is the negative news which gets more popularity than the good one. Pick up any news paper or switch on any new channel, they are fill of blasts, loots, attacks, murders, rapes. If that not all then full of gossip. It is a challenge to find good news. I wonder if one day news paper companies keeps a reward on finding a good news!!!!

But why is it so? I do not know. May be that’s what people wants to see. Or from philosophical view, it is the scarcity of goodness that makes it so valuable. Could be anything and it may also be one of those never ending arguments. But interestingly there are some other king of messages as well. Like the clip below. I am not sure if it a message full of frustration or if it highlight the positivity of creativeness of the person.

What do you feel about it? Whatever you feel, I am sure that it will definitely make you laugh.