Monday morning or Every morning

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There used to be a a beautiful story in our school curriculum. Thanks to my amazing memory, I do not remember much details about it e.g. class, chapter name, characters etc. What I remember is that I loved that story then and I love it today as well. It was a very simple rather should I say simplistic story. I do not remember many stories that I read, but this is one exception.
The story is about a school going boy, like I used be in those years. From school, I mean the school in the much established education system. Every Monday morning, the boy was reluctant to go to school. He just hated the Monday mornings like anything. He wanted to play, he wanted to have fun with his friends, to swim in the river, to run wild. After a fun filled weekend, it was the Monday morning, which reminded him that his fun his restricted for next five days. He always wished that Monday morning should never come. But why? The very simple reason that he was not doing what he wanted to do.
Today, when I have left school a long time ago, completed college and university, I still have the similar feeling. I have to go to work and it is the Monday morning, which reminds me that I have to go to office again. But things are little complex now. I t is just not the fun that I miss. I love my work. But the struggle is with people higher than you, your peers, politics, stress of various kinds and also a feeling of not doing the things the way they could be done. I miss my contribution, I feel restricted, I feel constrained. It is a strange feeling. But the result is same, I still hate Monday mornings :).
Do you hate Monday mornings? If yes, then you can leave a comment with your reasons. If no, then please comment on what motivates you.