aule da khaada te seyaane da keha baad vich hi pata lagda

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My friend has been working as a teacher in university for few years now. Recently, he switched his mind, appeared for an entrance for custom’s officer’s post, passed, got selected, took sabbatical from university and now undergoing training in Chandigarh, India. He has one amazing brain (at least the one’s I know 🙂 ). My father reflected on his decision in a different way. His view is that while being in University, he has to interact with all sophisticated, well educated and “nice” people. While being a custom’s officer he will have to deal with “criminal’ class people. It is something like why to get your hands dirty. Well as statement, it reflects a simple but deep understanding of nature. Me being me could not help but to have another view to this situation.

The “Educated” world is also full of variety of people. All types are available here, some good, some bad, some stupid, some dumb, some crazy. Applying the 80-20% principle, there should be less “educated” people in this crowd, isn’t it? There are people in this “community” , who are complete idiots.They make you go crazy. There are some who are just pain in the ass, for different reasons. The frustration is higher as there is expectation from this declared higher class crew. Then there are others, who keeps on playing “criminal” games too. Be it as simple as fool customer for more money or fooling around with juniors and their appraisal cycles. There are complex ones also, who create schemes for demolishing big enterprises. It does not need any special study to know it as well. Just recall the corporate scandals that have happened in the world. If you do not like the seriousness, like me, then try Dilbert.

Now, in a way the crowd is similar. It is just that one has the tag of “educated”, “higher class” on them. Why criminals are looked down upon. It is not easy to criminal. May be simple to be the 1st level criminal, something like to be able to type on keyboard. But it is difficult to be a high level criminal. Otherwise, everyday the newspaper will be full of thousands and not just 1 or 2 scandals. Isn’t it? No, have you ever planned a bank robbery? If yes, then ever tried it ?

So, which one is better?
A : An “educated” idiot.
B: A criminal master mind.

Choice is yours based on which level you fall in the respective commune.

I am waiting to see how long will this view take to get realized. At the same time my view is that, whichever side you are or whatever your preference is, you can still choose to share your laughter and pass a smile to your neighbor.

By the way my friend is already preparing for PCS (Punjab Civil Services) exam while getting trained to be an excise inspector!


PS: The title is a Punjabi phrase, which literally means, ” Indian Goosebery and the advice of a learned man takes time to show its impact”.