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Is it sheer timing or the release of 3 idiots is used properly? Whatever may be the case, but it seems that our respected Prime Minister is also giving hints the education system to change. I do not have the speech of Mr. Prime Minister, but the article in Economic Times does mention it.

The article very well highlights the weaknesses of Indian educational system. It is also aligned with the some thoughts as presented in the movie “3 idiots”.

I would only add to the editor’s article that it is not just limited to the education system. It just keeps on moving, From school to college to engineering to universities and then finally to work environment. Talk of any change or innovation, talk of any revolution, challenge any existing methods, you will be simply crushed to the ground by the system. The system, which starts with the education and has spread in all part of the Indian life style. I very much support this statement from the editor, ” Curiosity is discouraged in the name of respect for authority. This kills innovation and new thinking”.
I do not know what else I can write on this. It is just too much. Luckily for India, there are some people who still beats all odds and come out of the system as a winner. This reminds of the joke, which at the concludes at the end that the way Indian system is working does prove that God exists in this world.

I do not know what can really change the whole system. But definitely a big change is required at various levels. I hope that its tipping point will reach soon for good.


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  1. Dhruv

    I think u have been a little too critical…I agree with you on most points…but tell me something…what all changes have u seen since u'r childhood…r u u'r self the same person…that u used to be …say in college…hasn't studies, work… change at workplace… family… marriage… changed u'r thoughts…or I am wrong in my thoughts…I've heard a saying "nothing is permanent but change"…change is not something which happens overnight…it happens over a period of time…& before I conclude another thing I strongly believe "u need to be on top of a system to execute change" …its very easy to comment but is it not u'r & mine responsibility to do it!!! why blame others?

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