Simplicity OR Stupidity

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In general, I do not talk too much :). Well, many people who know me will immediately disagree with this statement. Still, I would stick to this statement and I believe it is a fact. I do talk a lot on many topics, just some nonsense talk. All this happens only with some handful of people. With strangers on new connections, I am always out of words. Why is it so? I have no clue on that. Luckily, I know it is like this. Is it the attribute of the introvert? May be.

I do not talk a lot to many people. I do not even feel comfortable talking about in general topic of my own, leave apart anything which is personal. Now lately I observed a strange thing. What happened is one person came, with whom I generally have a small and to the point talk. He started a talk and slowly the talk went to a different topic, which on a normal day would have never started. He was simply telling his story and his views on the topic. Suddenly, I found that I told him things about me on the topic, which otherwise would have considered as personal!!!!! Why that happened? Does it only happens to me? I do not know.

One point to be on the safe side and to protect myself I can simply say that I am a simple person. If someone started a topic and asked a question, I simple gave my honest inputs. The same simplicity can also be looked upon as stupidity by someone else. It is just that other person was clever too clever. He started a topic, made me comfortable, build up an environment in which I simply let it out everything. It might be that was his whole purpose.
I do not know if this behaviour of mine is taken  as Simplicity or Stupidity. Or is it that people consider both the worlds as synonyms in this context?
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