Happy New Year 2009

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Finally, I have started doing which I wanted to for long time. This has actually the way I am. I always had so many things in my mind/heart (whatever suits). But for some reason, I keep on postponing them. Well in short procrastination. I do not know the very detailed meaning of this big word, but I guess this what it means in general. Everyday, these thoughts/activities would be floating in my neural network. But one of the unknown part of this complex neural structure, does not let it happen. There is always one or the other excuse. My best “Don’t have enough time”. I do not know where all that time went by. It was always there, just I was missing. Well before I get distracted too much, let me tell you what is that one thing that I have finally started. Well, it is not that tough to guess. It is writing, and here I am writing blogs. Finally!!!!!

I cannot believe it. It has been just few days when I have started this active writing, another nested thought has also come true. While walking, talking, working, or even just sitting idle, it has always been there. I had this thought of sitting in a coffee shop, inhaling the aroma of coffee beans and writing. And, here is comes true.

Right now I am in Mcleodganj, a beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh in upper Dharamsala. I love this place for no apparent reason. I drove to uphill to have some scenic views, then I went for walk in the jungle. It was a good 2-3 hours of walk. I just kept on moving, on no planed destination. At around 3pm, I felt hungry and came back to a hotel to have something to extinguish the hunger. It was a lovely place though, a mesmerizing view of Valley and snow covered peaks. I chose the open terrace to have my “Parathas”. Those were delicious. Not sure if they really were or I was to famished after such a long walk. After some time breeze started and it was suddenly cold. I had to pull up my muffler and jacket to be safe. I read some chapters of the book; Brida by Paulo Cohelo; while enjoying the cool breeze at my face. Well could not the there all my life, so drove back to Mcleodganj.

As soon as I entered the main square of Mcleodganj, I decided to go the open coffee shop “Moonpeak Espresso”. It is on the Temple road ,about 500 mts from the main square. And it was here that it finally came true. The long dwelled thought. I am writing this first blog of year 2009, sitting here just by roadside and have Café Mocha.

It was a good end to the year 2008 with start of blogs and is indeed a very good start for 2009. The very first days of 2009 and some of my long awaited ideas have come true; walking through the jungle to nowhere all by myself, reading a book while sitting in the lap of Himalayas and enjoying its beauty; and writing this first blog of 2009 sipping on the hot cup of coffee.

A very Happy New Year to everybody.

Enjoy life by moments and laugh a lot.

Arundeep Singh