Complaints Forever!!! Indian Speciality

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Complaints; One word and so many instances, countless!!!! Have you ever counted how many complaints you come across in a day, self complaints and grudges of others. There is a complaint about everything in this world.

Managers, traffic, government, client’s request, deadlines, salary, road condition, family issues, stock market, EMIs, loans, friends and families and the list is endless. Just name some topic and one or the other person would have a complaint about it.

One of my favorite is traffic. People have complaints about roads, traffic congestion, bad driving sense of people, lack of control by traffic people, corrupt traffic inspector etc. Either government is responsible, or fellow driver or someone else. But one is never able to look into himself.

When I am overtaking, honking, giving bribe, jumping red lights then ” this is how you drive in India”. And when some else do the same, ” Government does not have any control, fine should be increased, people have no sense”. When traffic police fines, ” Corrupt employees, give bribe”. If he accept bribe, ” whole system is bad!!!”. Is there any end to which we can blame others????????????????????

Government has given lanes, but we don’t drive in lanes. Rather people feel proud to adjust 6-7 vehicle in 3 lane road 😀 (That is other thing, that later they complain that traffic does not move at speed 😀 )There are lights, but we have to jump it. Sign says ” No Horn Please!!”, but everyone wold be honking, ( that too when it is red light. I was never able to understand where people want to go when it is RED 😀 ). And the funny part is, when it goes GREEN, no one moves quickly or tries to clear the crossing quickly, Amazing people!!!!!!!!!!. And on top of all that, even for this, government, other person, traffic police or even the poor Lights are blamed 😀

The simple reason is, we are not ready do our duties but we want all our rights. We are not ready to have one change in ourself, but want the whole world to change.

I feel and observed that somehow people need something to complaint about. They get some king of comfort and happiness in that. Just observe for a while, you only need to start one topic of complaint and everyone would start telling stories after stories about the bad things in life. They tell it like their biggest achievements of life!!!!!!!!!

Well, world beautiful, Life is a wonder, its just that everyone is busy in complaining. Trust me, observe it while on a road, it is one live joke to make your moment light!!! For all those who work in the IT field (favored location for Outsourcing!!!). Most of these IT giants are writing software for traffic control for the world!!!!!! Yes, you can laugh if you want.


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