Service Industry- Indian Re-defining !!!!

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Service Industry; I guess there is no one in this whole world, who can live without it. But what does it means to provide services??

Does it mean just to start a company, give it a fancy name, in the booming industry and all done!!!!!! Why did I not mention anything about service here???  You are in India now, smile and “Adjust” !!!

This is the scene of service industry in India. From a milkman to grocery store, a courier service to Software Industry; it seems like one has to pull the service from service provider.

(Sorry got distracted by a comedy scene on TV :-D. I love comedy.)

So, what I was writing? Yes, Service Industry. This weekend I had another interaction with “India’s world known Service Industry’s” service provider, Bhardwaj Courier Services. I had the understanding that courier service works like
1. Customer pays the courier service provider money to deliver its package.
2. Courier service provider takes the package to the destination (if it covers).
3. Then it delivers the package to the address.
4. If it cannot find the address, then try to
call the customer(destination) to know the address.
5. If it cannot find the address, or miss the recipient, it wil either leaves a message for collection point or call the users to ask him to pick up the package.
6. If still it cannot deliver then it will return the package to the sender.

I hope everyone agrees to it more or less. But this weekend, Bhardwaj courier opened my eyes. Now this man is proud to tell that he is an Advocate. He told me that it is a vice-versa service. If you need the package, the recepient should put the effort to collect it from the courier service provider. I was there to collect a package. I asked him why he did not deliver. He bluntly told me that if I need the package, I can take it, otherwise he can always send it back. Moreover, I should feel lucky that I received the call to pick my package!!!!!!!!!!

Similar is the condition with other service Industries as well. If one is not so as blunt as Mr, Bhardwaj, then they will be extra nice. This is other extreme. Lets take another example from the famous Service Industry; Software Industry. Project has been won by telling 100 million and 1 lies. All kind of project phases, planning etc would be provided. You would be ensured that the World’s best people are working to provide the best service with commitment and what not!!!!!!!! In background, people won’t even know what they are talking about. They will communicate with special c
are not to say a single wrong sentence about the status. If someone from customer side asks a question directly, then answer would be as vague as possible. It has to be delivered on 1st of the month, it may not even be delivered “as actually committed” even after 3 months. But still it would be called as the best execution!!!!!!

What is it all about? To me it seems that everybody is in a race to make other fool. He may not even be aware that he himself is getting fooled at the same time.
Is this customer in the middle???
Welcome to Serive Industry!!! Smile Please 🙂