One month in IBM

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I just finished my 1st month in IBM. During this period I have been asked by many of friends how IBM is different from others. My idea is that you just cannot compare two companies. It all depends upon your context, your changed priorities and the people you are dealing with, when you evaluate the company.

Till date, as per my observation, IBM (my unit only) is just like another company with different processes. Every company have good and bad points, so does IBM. 1st week in IBM, I was lost. I didn’t know what I am supposed to do. No inputs from anyone, there was no plan for me. Just sit on computer and go home.

But, if u put some effort to go through the internal website of IBM, you can get may things to do. One can enrol to many different online classroom courses. Thats what I am doing nowadays.

Technically, as per my earlier belief; in service industry one won’t have many people who are good; and IBM is no different.

Well whether IBM invest $6 billion in India, or create 13000 jobs in India or fire 14000 people in US & UK, IBM brand name speaks of it all.

So, I am an IBMer now ( as they like to call themselves). trying and hoping to have win-win results in IBM.