Natural living as we know it

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Confusion of ECO and Ego in nature
Why is it EGO and not just observation of the food chain and how other is ECO and what does it even mean?

I love nature, I miss nature where I live, I would like to be in nature, We need to save and protect nature, Nature is beautiful, We should not destroy nature. I hear these sentences a lot around me in casual conversations. Most people just throw these sentences away without even connecting with it. Sentences said in a way, the way girls in beauty pageant talks about global peace or any current popular topic. They say because it has to be said, the audience wants to hear those. The same way people use swear words without even stopping for a moment to realize what that swear means. When I was in college, one of the boys was given a nick name “Mama”. “Mama” in my language means mother’s brother. I do not know who gave him that name and why. But interestingly the same people will call him “Sister fucker mama”!!!. Millennia ago our species started to develop language to be able to express some meaning. But now after many ice ages, we use language the way it does not have meaning. It is just something to be said. Same is the case when I see people expressing their “Love” for nature. They say it because other wants to hear it, because there is a notion going around that good people care about nature, because across the world there are people especially NGOs and celebrities screaming “Save nature!”. But most  do not mean it, are not connected with the statement or have their own view of nature.

Are human houses destroying nature
How bad that beautiful nature is destroyed by human construction!

In today’s discussion meaning of nature has mostly stopped at trees, plants, fruits, some bushes. Even in this most simplified case, expectation is not to have the “natural selection” of growth. We do not like to see certain plants, certain trees; but only the ones we describe as beautiful, colorful. Switzelrand is famous for its scenic beauty and greenery all around. But is it nature? Or human created green land? I was once visiting a nature reserve park. The person was telling me about how pine trees are dangerous and once they start to grow they almost take over the whole landscape. Because of the intrinsic properties of pine needles they make it impossible for other vegetation to grow. Only a handful of species can manage to live with them. I also learned how pine trees contribute aggressively to fire. When I asked about how pine trees comes back after a fire, he told me because they are planted. They are needed as they grow fast and provide shade to other plants that cannot survive the summer and need shade. But then people do not care to remove them!! This is natural reserve park where trees are managed by people. In addition pine trees were originally brought by humans from other countries. What is nature and what is natural and what are we doing to it?

Nature defies mankind, but is valid always
Sure, plants from roads are good.

There are some who are ready to include animals into it. They love to live in open fields with animals. Of course they will pick the selection of plants and animals species to define their “nature”. Cows, pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats, rabbits and few birds are few of the common animals which are generally accepted to be in this “nature”. It is not only lions, wolves, tigers or bears that people do not want to see in their lovable nature. Insects, spiders, rats, lizards etc. are few of the other species that are generally not included to be part of the natural lovable habitat. We like to take walks in nature but of course once they are clear from all carnivores. People want their houses in nature, but without spider webs. We want teddy bears, but not bears. Once I was talking to a friend of mine. Somehow the topic moved to modern city life and its complications. Then she suddenly remarked how she would love to live nature in natural simple way, away from crowd from super markets and computers etc. I only had to give a pause and ask, “Are you sure you really want to leave your apartment/house and go to forest?”. Immediately, she modified her statement. Of course she did not mean the “real nature”. She needs a bathroom with hot shower, kitchen with all gadgets to make food, a comfortable bed at least. Of course then there is a need to somehow get and maintain these things.

People are happy to join “save the nature” campaigns, but from the comfort of their houses, with warm water, with air-conditioning, heating, houses clean and closed for most animals and many plant species as well. It is easy to sit in comfort of a room and blame somebody for destroying nature. Generations spent millennia to find ways to survive. Unfortunately or fortunately, it also included killing animals and controlling plant species. With time as we came to the top of species, killing animals was not just a need anymore. It just became a habit, almost similar to taking shower every day or sometimes more times a day. Is it a need? Not really. For the same reasons that we have trouble differentiating between need, comfort and habits of taking showers, we have trouble in deciding to kill animals and controlling plants. It was a need to kill animals and in turn we happened to change the whole environment. Now we have reached to an extent that we are confused about what is nature.

How do we feel when nature takes over
We love this take over of nature as well?

We are what we are based on whatever has happened. I do not know what is “natural” today and what will be “natural” in future. But, I hope that people become little aware when they use the word “nature”. One can be clear about natural nature and human modified nature(which mostly people are in love with).  Next time somebody leaves the city with a statement, ” I am tired of people. I need to connect with nature”,  I hope one realizes that if he is alone in natural nature, he probably would need some people for help. When you look at some nature park and smile,  may be you also smile at the simple confusions of “natural life”.


Nasrudin was scheduled to give a religious speech one day to an all-male audience, but had no particular topic in mind.
He thought of one, and began preaching:
“Gentleman,” he said. “We must stop allowing our wives to wear make-up. It is inappropriate, indecent, impure, wicked, and by all means sinful. Any man who let’s his wife wear make-up should be ashamed of himself!“
“But Mullah,” said one of the men, “your wife always wears make-up!“
“Yes, that’s true,” Nasrudin remarked. “And it looks great on her, doesn’t it?”