Zadar – Hvala ti puno!

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Full moon night
The moon rising

I left my sufficiently paying corporate job without really knowing what exactly I will do once I step out of those known pastures. But, I think enough time was spent thinking about it and time had come to take the jump. There  were two questions which I thought for a long time; what to do and where should I go? I could never decide. Time went by and random kindness developed around me. One day I decided to simply close this door of job and see which other door opens for me. Now only part left was where to go. Thanks to the winter trip to Croatia and I got that answer as well, Zadar!

After arranging all things, I came to Zadar. I initially thought that 1st few weeks will be easier as they will just pass by like a normal holiday. Once, I am out of the standard holiday-zone then I might start thinking what to do. However, this notion was soon destroyed in the 1st week itself. After couple of days of meeting friends was enough of holiday. I could not believe how much going daily for work and delivering reults can change one’s idea of living. I was amazed when I wake up late in the morning, as there is no where to go. In the evening, I get a feeling that I am useless. What did I do today? What is the delivery? What is the outcome? Where is the productivity? These and many other questions kept on haunting me almost every day asking me to stop wasting my time and make some use of it. It raised another question; to let these question pass or listen and answer to them?

Zadar Riva in the morning

I managed somehow to pass through this heavy traffic of questions. On the contrary to the original thought it was after about a month that I started to enjoy my time. I finally found myself comfortable living the day while enjoying doing simple things. Waking up late, having late breakfast/lunch, going to local market to buy vegetables, attempts on swimming, tennis wall practice, local food, an evening walk, having an ice-cream or meeting some beautiful people in cafe bars. Slowly, I started to enjoy all those small things rather than just doing it because they have to be done. This experience was further enhanced by trips to small village, island of Pasman and Rab and sea-side town Pisak. All had different flavors and gave me new experience. I met some nice people and had interesting discussions. While looking back, in some way each experience helped to enhance the next one. By end of 2nd month, there were days when I did not care about productivity and waste-of-time. There were no questions in my head now. It was more clean and simple. A day was already loving with the morning tea or sometimes just waking up and seeing the light outside.

Came across this wonder on a walk

As I started to accept myself, Zadar and new life, life started to unfold itself. One day I found my next destination, Sveti Juraj. New chapter was going to start, as I was going to do something that I never did before, volunteer work. I came to meet the project owner and aligned on the dates to join. It is a small beautiful place with magical view from my balcony.

An evening sky

Now, when I am writing this from my balcony in Sveti Juraj, I am not able to conceive in which sense Zadar has helped me grow. I think I am aware of changes only at the surface. I left Zadar to have new experience of my life and learn something new, but Zadar and people of Zadar will remain with me.

I do not how these changes are going to effect my life, but one thing is sure that smiles and laughter shared by people will always be present in my smile.

Zadar, keep smiling and keep sharing your beauty. Hvala ti puno!


“Nasrudin,” a friend said one day, “I’m moving to another village. Can I have your ring? That way, I will remember you every time I look at it?”
“Well,” replied Nasrudin, “you might lose the ring and then forget about me. How about I don’t give you a ring in the first place—that way, every time that you look at your finger and don’t see a ring, you’ll definitely remember me.”