We need skilled people. Really?

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We have a team of exceptionally skilled resources. We have an amazing talent pool. We are looking for specialized skills. We are looking for team players. We need diversity in the teams. And more ..

I am sure all of you have heard such sentences in various statements/forums/discussions of almost all type of industries. In first look it sounds amazing. It gives a kind of feeling that the world is full of clones of Bill Gate/Steve Job/ Ambani’s and other similar people. But, how many people really believe it? Most of them know it is just a standard phrase and no one listed to it. It just enter the brain as, “We have a team of blah … blah.. blah..”. I am sure that person saying these words also know it. He is also using these words just for the sake of it. The whole communication is so hollow from the very core of it to the very last extension of it.
A very common story was reiterated for one of my friend. For this short story, I will use the name Santa. A project needs a resource with below skills. The requirement is sensitive as the current team does not have those strengths.
  • He should be technically sound with latest technologies and processes.
  • He should be able to deliver the services in time.
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills.
  • He should also be able to make those learning and deliverables into reusable assets and send for publishing in different forums.
  • A good team player with leadership qualities.
Santa applied for the position and was favored immediately as he met those criteria very well. He was called in the team, while the legal documents are still in process. As he is still not legally allowed to work for customer, he was involved in team orientation and other KT session for current environment and processes. He picked up those fairly quickly. Being a straight forward person, he realized the gaps and started asking questions. He looked for clear roles and responsibilities. Insisted on proper communication methods and touch points. As, the legal process took time, he started requesting for updates as well. Unfortunately, the current setup was not used to this style of work and management got frustrated. He was politely asked to leave and come back again when the legal documentation is finalized. He left at a notice of just few days while paying for lease breakage and other financial losses assuming that he will come back. One month passed nothing happened. When he requested for the update, he was told that position is scrapped and he is no longer required!! All financial and time loss was put on him.

However, in reality Santa was eliminated because the existing team felt out of place with him. He was thinking differently then them. He was moving fast then they could. They found his straight forwardness and speed to set things right as aggressiveness and lack of team spirit.
What happened to the requirements? Santa was perfect for the requirements. He was different too. Could have brought different approaches on the table. But, why? Because, deep down 
  • Humans feels more comfortable with similar profile.
  • Whoever is aligned with our thought processes, is the good guy.
  • Who agrees with my ideas, is the best person.
  • Who supports my initiatives and not challenge them is the right guy.
  • Who works on my guidance is the best in the team.

It is not that we always have a perfect match. But we try to find the best match possible. As soon as alignment angle decreases, the acceptance value decreases. These calculations got nothing to do with the requirements of the job profile, however.

If just we get little less serious about ourselves and be more jovial, more at ease with ourselves and with life in general, I believe that such prejudiced judgment will be replaced by more relaxed and balanced work and social environment.

Laughter is one of the ways to be relaxed and be at ease.


Arundeep Singh